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Field Report-Driect Approach Sarging First Time

mASF post by Blade

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Field Report-Driect Approach Sarging First Time
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mASF post by "Blade"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, June 6, 2005

Direct game rocks!

Two Saturdays ago, I hang out with OCwaterboy in OC(That's
Orange County, California for those not hip to the American TV series)
. I had heard about
Shark and direct game. I had been curious and
when OCwaterboy told me
he does direct approach, I know that I want to see it in action. I
listened to Shark's CD. It made lots of sense but I still couldn't
see how a cheesy line like "you are beautiful, I would like to meet
you" could possibly work. I drove to meet Ocwaterboy in Huntington
Beach without knowing what to expect, having only spoke to him during
the David Shade seminar. We went to his place where he told me about
his trips to Europe and some cool gadgets he got around the place.
Then He proceeded to divulge his system of PU from meet to !close. I
started to see how things could fit together in direct approach.I had
come expecting to just kick back with the dude and observing him in
action, instead I got a lot more, more like an instruction of the
OCwaterboy's way of PU. The best way that I could summarized it is
that he has the frame of the "Romantic Hero" whereby he draws in the
HB into his life, doing fun things he enjoy doing anyway. The direct
approach also sets up the alpha frame from very begining. This is a
strong frame such that you don't have to worry about nitty-gritty
details as whether something you are doing is being supplicative like
paying for jetski rentals and shit, you are a man, you should do as
you please as long as you enjoy it. I got lots of details of his
structures for day2, from activities to do to setting the mood to
grooming tips. The whole time, I am thinking, I like this cuz it's so
simple to implement. Anyways back to the topics of direct gaming.

We rolled to Shark Club. We decided that I am to stick with the opener
"you look beautiful, I would like to get to know you". I opened the
First set I see after entering the Club. Actually, I should say I open
the first target that I see, because I didn't even bother to engage
her friends.She is opened, then I stalled, cuz normally in the
indirect approach, I would've bust out a routine story or gone C&F on
her with couple of NEG hits. OCwaterboy had said specifically no NEG.
This is still new to me and so she turns to her friends, I eject.

I talked to Ocwaterboy, he gave me some instant feedback including
things to follow up with. One comment about my body language was very
interesting. Because I am used to do indirect approaches, I usually
angle my body instead of fully facing her. He told me to face her full
frontal in the begining. Then he told me a killer rountine to use
right after opening. It's quite hilarious, I would've tried it just
for kicks. Without give away Ocwaterboy's money routine, the basic
idea is to do push-pull style qualifying right away in a playful
manner. Next Target is a tall, slender Brunette HB9 in great shape,
wearing form fitting cloth showing her slim waist, talking among a
circle of her 2 HB and 3 guy friends. I walked up beside her, turned
her shoulder so she faces me(Thanks for the tip, OcWaterboy). This
time I deliberately slowed down my delivery, "you look...beautiful"
She smiles and say thank you (as they always do throughout the
evening), "I would like to......get to know you". All said with a
knowing sly smile on my face. I don't remember whether I followed up
with my qualifying routine or not, but she opened up pretty quickly
and asks how old I am. It's on! I am not about give back my info that

Me: how old are you?
HB9: I ask u first, besides I am probably older than you (I look a lot
younger than my age, I am little surprise by the comment as she looks
her early twenties).
ME: okay let's see some ids.
HB9: I want to see yours.
Me: okay, take out your id and I will take out mine, let's swap.
I am taking out my driver license as I speak.

As she takes out hers, I grab it from her and she did the same to
mine. Surprisingly she is a year older, but that's irrelevant. Since I
already told her that I would like to know her, I started to ask her
qualifying questions about herself (My favorite one, r u
adverturous?). I didn't really prepare anything to say (next time,
come up with a list), so we just vibe a little bit. I was starting to
turn my body away from her as my wont as she also started to turn more
toward her friend. At this juncture, OCwaterboy (Thanks, dude!) walks
by bumped me to face her more openly. I am stalling at this point, so
I lean in quickly to whispher in her "so, how long has it been since
you had sex". She giggles and turns toward me and said "omg, a long
time". Oh, this is getting good. I asked her what she does for fun,
she mentions working out. I remembered something OCwaterboy told me
what he would do with girls, this is a perfect opening for it.

Me: You look like you are in great shape, so how much to you weigh?
(with a smirk, of course)
HB9: I can't tell you that.
Me: That's okay, I have a reliable way to find out.

I picked her up in a bear hug, she is all giggly, and I swing her
around couple times.The whole time her friends just kinda of melted
into the background even though they are right there. No attempt at
cockblocking or amogging at all. To keep up the momentum, I decide to
do mini-venue change -isolate.

Me:Have you ever being cubed?
HB9: what? cubed?
Me: Yeah, this is really cool, let me show you...

I look around, there is no seats left, so I was going to lead her to
the wall where I will be leaning back against it. OCwaterboy (bless
his soul) was sitting and he quickly vacated the chair when he saw me
move . Great! I took the chair and sit her on the handle with my
hands around her waist. It's bit awkard though, cuz her legs are on
the outside of the chair (as I am typing this, I realize I could at
least swing her legs around on top of mine), her body is thus angled
outwards and she has to turn her face almost 180 degrees to face me
which she did. I ran the cube, she talked about how right now she is
mostly thinking about going back to Romania to visit her family and
had no time for anything else. Maybe she is subcommunicating she
doesn't want a LTR, I don't know, I was aiming for escalating
sexually, and I didn't find much material with this line of talk. She
sense the lull in the conversation and said she needs to get back to
her friends, I send her back with a pat on her back (maybe should be
her ass).

Regroup with OCwaterboy, he told me that I could've sit her down on
the chair first then sit on her lap. Okay off to next target. Walk
into the main club from the patio. Spot a HB Blonde coming my way. I
moved into her path. Stops her, Open: "You are ... Beautiful. I
would like to.... get to know you". She looks at me wide-eyed:"Just
like that?" Me:"yeah, just like that."

It turns out she is being interviewed (that's when I notice two women
folowing her around), she wants to give me her card. I am like okay.
She start to fumbling in her purse looking for her card, I am like
just gave me your number, She is like I really want to give you my
card cuz some people forget to call. She spend a good two minutes
locating her card. She turns out be running some kind of Vodka
company. Cool. Next.

Back on the patio, Walked in on mixed two set. I walked straight for
the woman (a cute brunnette HB8) and same opener. She opens, wide eyes
with a expectant big smile on her face. Okay, I did the quick followed
up push-pull routine after opening. She is into it. Time to isolate!
Of course she has never been Cubed. I spot a chair, move her into it,
sat on her lap. Some Black dude, sitting next chair over is Amogging
me with "that's wrong, you should reverse that". I am like "that's the
way she wanted it" and ignored him. He leaves after making one more
comment and I just shutting him out.

Hb8:maybe you should take the other chair
ME: you are right

I took the other chair which had been side by side, I moved it around
till it faces her, and I pull her and her chair closer so her knees
are now trapped between my open legs. She is taking this in and
giggling. I start to do the cube. I am halfway thru the story, I
realize she is hot and ready. She keeps looking at me with a blushing
smile while frequently licking her lips. I realized also I had been
speaking in a lower tonality and was unconsciously doing the
triangular gazing (hey she is licking her lips nonstop). I was
thinking, hey girl, hear out the cube, man! This is cool shit, stop
making that gooey eye at me, this is seriously cool shit you got to
hear. I never kiss a girl in club before, my brain starts to
furiously searching for a way to initiate. Damn it, she should at
least letting me finish the Cube before going into state. I got a
phone call, I was running out of material anyway. So I check the
message, she is out of state, she says she wants to go back to her
friends, I said, no prob, I will talk to you later. I check the
message, it's txt msg from OCwaterboy who had been observing me from
sideline, it says lower tonality, lower hands on her thighs, go for
the kiss. Um, okay got it. Regroup with OCwaterboy. talked it over and
had a laugh about it.

Next spot a sitting Latina HB8 talking with a Asian dude sitting next
to her. I normally would never do this to a fellow Asian bro, but hey
I need practise and really need to push my comfort zone, okay, so
sorry Bro. Walk straight up to women. Open. Crouch down so we are
at same eye level. Keep talking, blah, blah. Pull up the nearest foot
stool, Asian guy protest a little cuz his drink is on it, I politely
apologize to him, move the drink, hand it to him and sit myself on the
foot stool (Hey I still have my manners!) Start cubing, She is in
state, What's with cube anyway, maybe it's my sexy voice. Start
thinking about kissing...leaning in to whisper interptretation of the
Cube, She likes it but She starts to go logical on the
interpretation.. I was like fuck it.. I am going for the kiss. Blows
out. She acutally said" you just lost the game, cuz you thought you
are all that" What? is it something I said? I only talk out the cube,
Woman! Anyway, I felt so empowered by just going for it. It's like the
first time you benched 200 lb, you like yeah, I am pumped.

One amazing thing is that I hardly get Amogged or Cockblock the whole
night. Their friends just kind of melted away and we (me and my
target) are inside our own bubble the whole time.
But the inital approach has to be confident and carried out without
hesistation. The only two times that I got Cockblocked was when I
hesistated for a slight moment in the opening.

Once I am in set, it only stops when I stall, ran out of interest or
material. I walked up to a girl playing pool, She stopped playing and
I sat her down to talk. This is powerful shit. I think Juggler has
talked about SOI, statement of intentions, which you need to throw
it out there during an interaction with women. What direct approach
does is to do this upfront. This is my understanding of it: I am here,
I am interested in you because your looks. now impress me (or pretend
to be impress by her lameass exploits), or by the way, there is cube
thing you have to know about...

One note about the opener. Many times, after I told they look
beautiful, HBs will say thank you and have that "okay here we go
again, another guy just compliment me on my looks" look. Don't waiver,
just keep going with "I would like to ... get to know you". I would
look her directly into her eyes while doing this, be sincere yet
playful. It's just an opener to open her up for convo. If you keep
your alpha frame (I am the selector), she will be sucked into it very
fast. A lot of times right after "get to know you", she will say I
have a boyfriend. To paraphrase OCwaterboy who paraphrased Badboy I
think, treat it like she said she has shoes. Keep going with
qualifying her with push-pull questions, plowing over her fake

That's it guys, no more memorizing openers,no more trying to appeace
her friends, pretending not to be interested in her or in having sex
with her. Just be the man that you always wanted to be, you are him,
just let him act out what he wants.

Special Thanks to OCwaterboy for this eye-opening evening! Dude, if
you are reading this, U rock! Don't kill me if you are hounded by
newbies for advise, I owe you beverages. To my fellow newbies, seek
out someone better than you, you will learn tons. For the one
interested in direct approach, esp ones in OC, bribe this dude with
food and liquior and learn from him. Again, don't kill me, Ocwaterboy,
see above for comments about beverages.



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