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The last 3 months- my rules

mASF post by Unknown_Object

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The last 3 months- my rules
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mASF post by "Unknown_Object"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, May 5, 2005

In the last 3 months I was in A few MLTR, this was important to me, because I
was never in MLTR, so I wanted to learn how to deal with situation like that.
Anyway, I just describe what worked for me in point form.

1. After closing, I would always leave before her. On the phone or in meetings.
I would say, isn't it time for you to go to bed? Yeah, it is late, you have to
sleep, go to bed.
They always thought I am getting rid of them. So whenever they saw me, it was
like seeing the president.

2.Have a stalker: This is gold. Find a stalker (if you don't have one, find an
imaginary one). Anyway, I was lucky that someone was stalking me. This would
make everybody jealous and increases your value.

3.Make her buy you things: Very important. If she offers you to buy you drinks
or food ora anything. Make her buy it.

4.Bullshit: Tell stories of your adventure and travels and how gay guys always
try to hit on you. I always have a funny story where i lived with the gypsies
in europe and they taught me voodoo, palm reading and other bullshit tests.

5.Call her a bitch, a slut or a whore in a C&F way. but be careful with this.
Never be serious about this.

6.Somehow family is very important for chicks. make sure that you tell her
about your very decent family and how cool they are. like when my father was
working in the embassy in whatever country, I was invited to this ball....

7.Never ask her about her boyfriends or where she is going.
You just don't give a shit. Never let her talk about her past bfs.

8.Be unique: Don't do the ordinary. Always have cool hide outs like nature,
museums, zoo and other stuff.For the aquarium always worked. Never go for a
coffee or dinner where you have to pay. Some of the chicks are only after your
money. make clear that you only spend money on her if she behaves and fucks you
(maybe you buy her bigmac at mcdonald)

9.Mysterious: Always have secrets and never reveal them. Never answer straight.
When she asks you where you were last night. Say, there and there. make her
curious. But never answer straight.

10.When you use C&F or neg hits. never laugh at your jokes

11.Something that worked for me at parties or bars was that I would go to a
chick and ask her what drink she is drinking, and she would say for example
"fuck my ass".
Than I would suddenly change the subject and say, oh but that was not the
reason i came talking to you.and than bullshit from there.

Stay strong and peace out

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