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O/O: Popped Collar

mASF post by the_Fose

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O/O: Popped Collar
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mASF post by "the_Fose"
posted on: mASF forum: Tactics / Techniques Discussion, April 4, 2005

Roll up to a set with your collar unpopped. "What do you girls think about
guy's with popped collars?"

ME: Pops collar.
HB: some bs about what I just did.
ME: "Phh, like I'm trying to pick you up. You know what I hate more? These
fat chicks walking around on campus with short skirts and popped collars.
First, I don't want to see your fat legs and, second, you are fat and ugly and
not allowed to pop your collar."
HB: Huge BT spike.


HB:"Yeah.... BS"
ME:"Haha o yea you're those type of girls. I don't mind popped collars but I
HATE (fat chick story)


HB:"W/E" - I don't get this but....
ME:"Ha everyone has an opinion on this. Ya'll probably don't go out much" and
just bs your way to force them to answer.

I like this because 1)Most people have strong emotions about popped collars
which you can use to your advantage. 2) You DHV by making fun of the fat
chicks. 3) Neg hits are in here as well.

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