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PIMPS vs. Players (Attn: PlayerSupreme)

mASF post by PlayerSupreme

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PIMPS vs. Players (Attn: PlayerSupreme)
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mASF post by "PlayerSupreme"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, April 4, 2005

LOL and respectfully discuss we shall.

All of this seduction stuff that your reading is coming from many of these
authors studying the pimp game. Carlos Xumes is noted for stating this fact in
his recent e-book on dating.

The techniques that your using such as isolation, neg-hits, c&f, it all came
from the pimp game.

I will not argue what your opinion on anyone who pimps is, cause that is
individual to each person.

But as for level of game, the pimp does have the most power over women than a
meer player.

A player is a guy who hasn't learned to control himself or his libido:

That thang that goes on inside your head, Whitey calls the brain. But in pimp
school it's called the Boss. That thang between your legs White calls genitals,
but in pimp school it's called the Jones. Now if your Jones overrules the Boss,
that mean you gonna be a trick. But if your Boss overrules your Jones, then
that means you gonna be a Master Pimp.

....a pimp is simply a real man. A man that had total control over his desires
and emotions at all times. He doesn't allow himself to become a servant to
p*ssy but instead to control and dominate it as only a Master can"

--The Pimps Rap

Now to cut off your next statement about PUA's not being slaves to pussy. Look
at your style, chasing every woman that walks buy in an effort to score just
some ass.

Look at all of the techniques focused on just getting laid.

Now look at the level of the pimp. He gets laid and paid.

You are struggling just to get a date of which you may or may not but mostly
will pay for. The pimp doesn't need to get a date, he is too busy getting

Which is better to you?

A) To constantly struggle for pussy

B) To have total control over pussy

If you picked B then your looking at the level of pimp vs player.

The player plays himself cause of his jones (addiction) to pussy. I do realize
that there is this thing going around on the internet about becoming real men
and not focusing on pussy, but let's be real, how many are actually doing that.
Why don't you visit Sosuave sometime and you will see the sad results.

I do hope that by now you can see the different levels of the game each is in.
When you can learn to control yourself, then you learn to control others cause
they will no longer have any power over you.

Look at the thread on this section by that guy Charlesthis or something like
that where he has his girls computer bugged. Is he in control of his pussy or
even himself? NO.

He falls under catagory A.

It's funny your asking me this right now cause I just found an old book of mine
by the pimp Rosebudd and was looking over his mental notes to himself.

1. Be cold. I think recently I posted about not being emotional with women.

2. A Nigga's gotta learn: On all of these sites you guys preach always learn
and teach yourself new game and educate yourself.

3.A Pimp has to make sense out of nonsense. Look at sosuave again and you will
see players who can't see reality. They are using a funny word called womanese
to give women more power than they deserve cause they can't understand em.

4. When you don't see em, don't panic. How many fools have you seen panic
stricken cause their girl didn't call them one night and they were up wondering
what was going on.

5. A nigga's gotta watch what he says cause a bitch will try to use it against
you in the end. Priceless advice on your convo skills.

6. Remember to pace yourself and don't get too far ahead of a bitch. More
convo skills. When your getting into her mind don't go too fast cause bitches
are about emotions not facts and figures.

And the list goes on for 7 more notes. Now this was developed way back in the
1970's. YES I SAID THE 1970'S.

When I said many current authors are getting their game from the pimp game, I
was dead serious. Unfortunately I must go to my gym and train a client now, so
I will continue this in about 1 hour if you need further info.

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