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Shit-test reversal

mASF post by Alpha Romeo

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Shit-test reversal
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mASF post by "Alpha Romeo"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, March 3, 2005

I was thinking of this in class, when talkin to 2 HB's...I wondered if I could
get them to supplicate (I figured it would be easy because I practice my
elicitation, and rapport with them everyday.) but it was much harder than I
thought...I just think that because I have set the frame that we're friends,
and thats all I want, that trying that kind of shit is hard, unless you deliver
it as c&f, which can be kind of rude sometimes....for instance..

hb: Do you get girls pickin you up?

me: I guess...

hb: REALLY....I would never do that....

me: Yea I find it only happens every once in a while, maybe every couple
weeks...but they all have one thing in common....

hb:whats that?

me: they're very confident (I just told her I did'nt find her confident
because she does'nt approach guys)

hb: do you think i'm confident?

me: I don't know? you think you are?

hb: Yea...

me: cool (look back at my mathwork)

hb:(after not complimenting her) sometimes..

me:(look up.)huh?

my conclusion; girls are very sensitive to this, so be
suggestion; use it like neg hits....unless you use it the way you said..check
out my other post to on supplication, it's in the same boat...

-Do quarters bounce off that?-

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