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Over 40 pick up Thread

mASF post by Joe R Walker

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Over 40 pick up Thread
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mASF post by "Joe R Walker"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, March 3, 2005

Greeting to the over 40 crowd from one of your own.

Just to be difficult let me say in response to the thread thus far that having
the horses or being the Grizzly Adams type is somewhat overrated. They don’t
get me near as much affection as my ability to approach and take rejection. The
horses are great tools to teach BL and Alpha behaviors but women, for the most
part, love the idea of horses far more than the reality. When she sit 16 hands
off the ground on 1400 lbs of raw flexed muscle and feels him freaking over an
over active imagination it can intimidate the best of them.

Also good looks is not just useful for gays. It not everything but my hell make
yourself the best you can.

To answer the original premise, I am fairly new to many of the mASF ideas and I
have not spent much time learning the approaches so I do not know what a Who
lies more approach even is. I can talk to pert near anybody so I do not have a
lot of use for that type of stuff except to add to my arsenal. I have found
other mASF ideas eye opening revelations that have changed my life already.

Inner game»:
Its about me. I qualify women. I don’t have to put up with flakiness and women
will like it if I bust them properly for their bad behaviors.

No pedestal. Being dominant. Neg hits. Taking rejection and facing fear. Being
proud of sexual state instead of trying to hide it.

These things and more sure seem to work for me although my experience is
limited. I have been involved with women from 47 to either 29 or 22 (you know
when you start teasing you never really know which was the truth). I have
higher qualifications to worry about than age. Attractive, fun, adventurous,
passionate, intimate, intelligent that’s what I am interested in.

I also love having a system or maybe call it a structure. This is where I am
and this is where I am going. I now find myself uneasy if I am just floating
along with no plan or direction. I would be interested if there is really
enough different to say for us elders to make it worth having our own space. I
have learned a lot from guys who are half my age.

I would love to know what other guys our age wear to be styling without looking
like we are trying to be teenagers again.

JRW- explorer, beaver hunter, mountain man who usually had three squaws at one

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