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Background and Question

mASF post by wolfgang74

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Background and Question
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mASF post by "wolfgang74"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, February 2, 2005

I'll try and keep this short, and relatively entertaining.

I started reading fast seduction about 3 years ago. I put together some game,
landed a few girls, and ended up with a long term girlfriend, which was pretty
much what I was looking for at the time.

Fast forward 3 years. Things don't work out with the girlfriend, and I find
myself back in the singles scene. I was right back to my AFC ways too.
Amazingly so. Several totally blown opportunities because I was just a fucking
pussy. The worst kind too. Self-deprecating. "Nice." It was ugly.

SO I came back here, spent a few nights giving myself a refresher course, and
then went out and scored with a girl on the first date three days later. (BJ -
a lay report will follow tomorrow once I lay her during the oscars) This shit
is so fucking good. And I'm not good at it all, which is just an even bigger
testament to the theory and material. It works so well.

Smile. A little push-pull. I like you. I don't like you. "Maybe we should
just be friends." A little keno. A few neg hits. Act like you know you're
getting laid. Insinuate it. But never acknowledge it out loud. Just do it.
Escalate. Make her drive you home. "You're going to drive me home, right?"
Kiss her in front of your apartment and escalate. Don't pussy out, don't offer
her a handshake, and do not wait for a hug. Just put your hand on her cheek,
and kiss her. Pull away and look in her eyes. Kiss her again, deeper. Pull
away, then say matter of factly, "You should come upstairs and check out my
couch." (Your attitude tells her what you want (important), but you're
confusing her chick logic - she has no reason not to see your couch) Then look
in her eyes and command "You know you want to."

After that I even survived 10 minutes of circling around the block looking for
a parking space.

Also, if you can get her (again by talking about sexual things in a non sexual
way) to say "I'm not sleeping with you tonight." you know you're doing
something right. I'm convinced if you can get a girl to say that 2-3 times
during the fluff talk, you can escalate at will.

Anyways, I haven't seen an answer to this, so maybe somebody can help me out.

After the hunt and kill, when you realize you don't want the girl anymore how
do you get out easy? What do you guys do? Do you just not return her calls?
And maybe I'm being a pussy again and I need a little bootcamp action, but I
feel bad when I let them just keep going to voicemail.

How do you let them down easy?



ps - If anything up there in my technique is wrong, or you have
suggestions/comments/criticisms, please fire away.

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