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Arguing with ijjjji Stop Worry About Girls Post

mASF post by Joe R Walker

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Arguing with ijjjji Stop Worry About Girls Post
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mASF post by "Joe R Walker"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, February 2, 2005

I would like to comment on a post on Feb 22 by ijjji but I don’t want it to get
lost at the bottom of a long thread so being new here I hope it is okay to
start a new thread.

ijjji wrote:
You suffer from common misconception that PU is skill that needs focusing and
analytical planning.

PU is different from other stuff you can learn.

It is actually not a skill. Its an instinct (automated reactional pattern you
are born with).

So, why are we not all PUAs if its like this. Reason is easy: Logic brain
activity prevents relaxation and shuts down instincts that are not fear

So you got to start relaxing and stop obsessing with your logic brain! Cos
while you do, you are anti social and girls will gravitate away from you.

I am going to argue his original thesis. PU is like many other things you learn
and it is not purely instinctive. It is much like learning many other skills.

A professional baseball player does not think about his swing when a pitcher
throws a 98 mph fastball across the inside corner. He swings instinctively, and
the ball hits that fat ass in the stands buying another hot dog. The coaches
and physics specialists can analyze the swing in slow motion and proclaim it as
a perfect inside out swing. The player has that, not because he thinks about
it, but because he had a coach in his youth that told him something like keep
your eye on the ball, and an older player whose stance he mimicked, and a
magazine that told him that he needed to strengthen his core muscle groups. He
fooled around with these ideas he learned. Tried them loved them, wore them out
and threw them away, cursed them, came back to them. Now they are so much a
part of his game that he tells new guys to swing instinctively.

In PU I learned a new idea not long ago. Thanks to Mystery I was introduced to
Neg Hits. Did I use them before that? Probably so, but I did it quite by chance
and not to its best function. This is like the carpenter with only one hammer;
give him a finish hammer and he has a new tool that does the same job but is
much more efficient.

So yesterday I am sitting in a friends daycare and in walks a young mother. She
picks up her baby who is an absolute doll. The baby goes to crying. I comment,
“She hasn’t acted like that all day. I don’t think she likes you.” Okay, I just
broke several of Mysteries rules on Neg Hits. One this woman is not a 9 or 10
that needs being brought down. Two, a working mother is probably very sensitive
about her relationship with her baby, so my comment is not a casual dig but
incredibly hurtful.

On the other hand, I am playing with my new skill. Six months from now it will
be instinctive. Then I can throw away the logic and it will just fall out like
rain. But the reason that it can fall out is because it has been put in. The
idea was introduced, I applied brain work to think about it, practiced some
frames mentally, went out and applied it correctly and incorrectly, and then it
just starts to happen. Then when the tools are well worn you just put your mind
in a state and it just happens and you think you have got a system all worked

So the rest of the story with the young mother is to good to leave the story
unfinished. A mutual friend that know my game thinks I am being so mean she
throws a plastic glass at me rolls her eyes and leaves the room. The young
mother decides to really teach me a lesson and hands me the crying baby. I
really dig kids, they are better than most adults, and they know that I know. I
turn the baby around and holds her firmly with her back to my chest and coo
softly in her ear. She immediately quits crying. Now the mother can’t leave
cause I have her happy little baby and I get to keep hitting.

In the end ijjji and I may be arguing more over semantics than a difference of
real ideology, but I think my perspective may help some one understand better
if the instinctive ideas just don’t seem to be working for them.


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