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Re: Super Bitches

mASF post by aidien flea

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Re: Super Bitches
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mASF post by "aidien flea"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, January 1, 2005

>I have a question for the thread owner. Why didn't you just walk up and
> introduce yourself instead of all that other nonsense?

Simple: I wanted to try using the whole dating show idea as an opener. I am
a NEWBIE and I'm interested in testing things out. I'm a little more process
oriented than result oriented right now, and I'm not using that as an excuse
for a lack of results. Personally, I believe had I just walked up and
introduced myself, I would have received similar treatment. Stuff like this
used to happen all the time in my pre-mASF days, even when I'd just open by
introducing myself, you get blown off by girls like this.

> Secondly when you could feel that the shit was taking a wrong direction
> why
> didn't you try to change the course?

Personally, I was viewing their bitchiness as a shit test, to see if I'd
wuss out from the jokes and wisecracks. Obviously I was wrong.

> I think this is a prime example of learning techniques and tricks and
> magic
> acts without having the sensitivity to pull em off completely.

You're probably right. And I will absolutely keep practicing

> Then to top it off you and your buddies thought it was funny?

Yeah actually it was pretty funny, the fact that they actually up and left.
It was probably one of the hardest rejections I've gotten like, ever. Should
I have laughed at this or gone over to my friends and had a good cry? Which
do you think would be better for my self esteem?

> Having to wack off at the end of the night isn't funny to me man. No
> offense
> ment.

None taken by me, but Handgela is more than a little upset.

> I think a more laid back approach might be better for you since all that
> neg-hitting and c&f shit ain't working for you.

I agree to a point. The laid back approach works 100% of the time to get me
in, but it never leads to much attraction. I find that C&F and Neg hits work
wonders for me, IF, and only IF, I've warmed up properly by opening 5 or 6
sets. This night, I didn't, they were the first set I opened. And it bombed,
it bombed BAD. Lesson learned.

> A real player has to be able to feel the waters and direct the flow. That
> means you gotta be sensitive and be able to read them women and lead em
> where
> you want them to go.

Yup, once again I agree, and I have alot more work to do. The only reason I
posted this, is that this is the first set like this I've run into since
coming to this board. I was simply looking for better ways to deal with this
type of set. In my pre mASF days I'd run into this stuff ALOT. Now with the
various opinion openers, and C&F stuff I do, it happens alot less. I'm just
trying to figure out the balance that will actualy disarm them. I thought
that by engaging the whole group and calling the bitch out on her bad
behavior I'd have some luck, but it didn't work. Won't stop me from trying
more though.

Thanks for the advice everyone.


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