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Super Bitches

mASF post by aidien flea

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Super Bitches
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mASF post by "aidien flea"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, January 1, 2005

I've got a little sticking point. No matter what I do, when girls are Super
Bitchy I can't seem to break through the bitch shield. Last weekend I was at
a bar with a bunch of friends. There's tables there that have benches for
seats, and a 3 set is all sitting on the same bench on the same side of the
table, no one on the other side. So i role up and run the following routine:

Me: Hey guys, i just wanna say you all look really cute together, and I
can't wait to see it on tv

Bitch1 : What? (with a pissed look)

Me: Yeah, this is one of those dating shows right? which one of you gets
eliminated next?

Bitch1: Oh wow that's so funny (very sarcastically)

Me: Good, I'm glad you liked it.

Bitch1: You're an asshole, you're not even funny, that was so stupid.

Me: (to Bitches 2 & 3) Wow, is she always like this? How do you take her

Bitch2: Can you please leave so we can get back to our conversation?

Me: Look at this! Two mean girls in one group? How do you guys ever get
along without killing each other? ( I look at Bitch 3 and grin)

Bitch3: Like, just leave OK?

Me: Wow, three of you now? Where'd you guys meet each other? Finishing

They actually got up from the table and walked out at this point.

Now, my friends and I all laughed at this situation, but I dunno, sometimes
I get the feeling I'm going to hard with the C&F and the neg hits. It seems
like whenever I try and use something kinda like a wiseass remark as an
opener it falls flat. I can run opinion openers and stuff and they work
every time, but I'm not always feeling an opinion opener. Advice anyone?


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