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Question: How do I drop the ego as TD describes?

mASF post by Mister Corporate

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Question: How do I drop the ego as TD describes?
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mASF post by "Mister Corporate"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, December 12, 2004

Man, he does make a good point. This is something i've been working on lately.
I think the root of this, and many other problems we face is fear of criticizm
- of what people may think/do/say. Say a girl neg-hits a guy who's feeling
insecure. He's gonna freeze up for a moment as he tries to figure out the best
way to respond. That best way, in his mind, is whatever way will impress her.
Whether it's bringing her down, bringing himself up or acting like he doesn't
care. This is wrong because he's basically allowing her to control how he
reacts. That's what Tyler's talking about. Because once he responds, with her
opinion of him being a factor in how he formulated that response, he'll only
bury himself deeper. Now, imagine you (because "that guy" IS you, or me, or
anyone else here) are laying next to a girl after giving her the fucking of a
lifetime. She's got your cum splattered all over her face and you can still
vividly remember her rolling her eyes to the back of her head as you were
fucking her brains out. Now, at that moment, her opinion of you is the LAST
thing you care about, isn't it? Fear of criticizm is at zero, it's as low as it
can go. It's that state you should fall back to not only when you're sarging,
but during all other times as well. Zero fear of criticizm equals laidback,
relaxed, completely confident. Now say in that moment, she says something that
may rub you the wrong way. How would you respond? Would you try to prove her
wrong? Would you verbalize the fact that you don't care? No, you'd say "excuse
me, did you want more cum in your eyes? :) Didn't think so. Now go bring me a
water." See what i mean?

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