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Am I a natural Outing Report am I a retard? rAFC regardless

mASF post by killmenow555

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Am I a natural Outing Report am I a retard? rAFC regardless
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mASF post by "killmenow555"
posted on: alt.seduction.relationships, December 12, 2004

Ok I dont know where i was going with this. My friend kinda has a thign with
this girl but had a vendetta to bang her before he started with her, so half of
me was sayin no ur just jokin and half of me was sayin keep goin ur serious.
Anyway this is the product of a day of smokign pot and shooting heroin and then
talking to a girl online after the 2nd hottest asian girl i have ever seen in
real life didnt call me back on a date we were supposed to go on. I dont know
if what I said is has any usefullness but I kind of entered a higher state of
mind as I was talking to her as im usually not that responsive but i think the
fact that in my own mind I was joking and didnt give a shit how it went is the
reason that it worked. Please critique this and tell me if I have any
potential. Its all original, to say the least. I saw this website last summer
and tried the general attitude and it worked more than any other attitude but I
never followed up on the specifics (kino, neg hits, etc.) I didnt do too well
due to some oneitis which is half bad luck but half my own fault but i did set
myself up for some good situations that i can begin to take advantage of now.
the entire time i was treating it as a joke and if she stopped it i wouldnt
even care i would say something like yeah i killed way too many brain cells
today for this or i might play it off teasingly if she tried to stop it (DONT
TURN UP UR NOSE GIRL! ULL BLOCK OUT THE LIGHT!!, the funny thing is that I
didnt even willingly start hitting on her, it just happened. Anyway im talking
way too much because im high anyway just give me your opioin on this and what
to do next. i dont even know what it is myself im too stupid right now. Im in
highschool, btw. Also please nobody condescent to me, it really pisses me off
and doesnt help me at all. Thank you. p.s. this girl is like an 8 or a 9, and I
am very good looking myself.

Keep in mind i just made up the stuff about divorced and the whole relationship
thing, were not going out or anything, im just semi friends with her in school,
so i didnt follow any strategies from this site or anythign in this convo, its
just 100% natural me, tell me if i have any potential as a natural.

HER: hey (my name)
ME: yo
HER: wats up
ME: nothin reaaly
ME: burnt
ME: u
HER: burnt?
HER: liek from tanning
ME: haha
ME: no
ME: like from cheeba
ME: what r u doin
HER: wats that
HER: pot?
HER: chilling
ME: mm
HER: what
HER: are u higfh right not
ME: no
ME: but that sentence confuses the shit out of me
HER: hahaha i said are u high
ME: no, i was
ME: now i just have a headache
HER: lol ohh cool
ME: i guess
ME: u finish shopping
HER: about i ahve to get one more hing for my mom
HER: how about u
ME: no
ME: and i never got a twisty straw
ME: im pissed
HER: what do u ahve to buy
HER: lol
HER: im sorry
ME: yeah
HER: i dont have any left other wise i would give u one
ME: no exuses
ME: were getting divocred
ME: mullet
HER: what no!!!
HER: i ahve to sign the papes and i wont
ME: its the only way
ME: i can get a twisty straw
ME: because if u ever want me back u know what its gona take
ME: and thats that
HER: what! (my name)
ME: aw
ME: that so cute
ME: its like sweet home alabama
HER: hahaha yeah it is
HER: well im not signing
ME: good
ME: im not losin half my shit anyway
ME: i know ur just using reverse psychology to try and get half my shit
ME: and its not goan work
HER: hahahahaha
HER: hahahahaha
ME: thats awesome
HER: ya well were not getting divoreced and that final
ME: oh look
ME: shes putting her foot down
ME: taking control of the relationship
HER: yeah thats right
ME: yeah go ahead and take the reigns
ME: well see how far you get before we careen of a bridge
HER: hahaha
HER: ok
HER: im takeing conrtolr
ME: lol
ME: she cant spell control right, while hopign to take control
ME: irony ?.. or somethign more
HER: hahahaha
HER: bad typing skills?
ME: no
ME: thats gods way of telling you that ur better off submissive
HER: not true
ME: fine then
ME: ill give you control for a trial period
ME: but ur in for more then u bargained for
ME: cuz now i get to be the girl
HER: lol
HER: ok just dont go outta control girly caue i would be freaked out
ME: (whiny voice)
HER: =-O
ME: haha oh whats wrong
HER: godd why do u have to pressure me!! i just need some alone time
HER: nothing is wrong
ME: thats what u always say
ME: are you seeing other peopel
HER: no
HER: do un not trust me
ME: we jumped into this marriage on a one night stand followed by a vegas
ME: you seduced me so unmercifully i had to
ME: but that doesnt mean im goign to trust you
ME: and if your going to see other people maybe we should just go FWB
HER: ahhh
HER: ummm
HER: well if that what u wany
HER: *wan
ME: its going to take a lot of Wan (korean currency) to get me to start puting
out again
ME: so you best start saving
HER: hmmm...well i dont need u ....u need me
ME: damn you and the control i granted you
ME: but this isnt over
ME: and if were going FWB!!!=-O then when are we hanging out
ME: because i think ur full of it
HER: im confused
ME: no way, thats my job
ME: im the clingy needy whiny confused one
ME: u have control
ME: but if ur goan start preachin about bein confused im takin it back
ME: but for the sake of argument, what are you confused about
HER: im confused about what u just said
HER: but dont worry im still in contorl
HER: *control
ME: its no irony that you cant spell it
ME: but i knew u were confused about what i siad
ME: what part of it were you unable to comprehend thougH?
HER: lol
HER: i dunno listen may bey we should take a break
ME: haha i win
ME: and now u want the divorce
ME: my plan is complete
ME: thanks for playing
HER: haha no i dont ewant a divorce lol
HER: i just want a btreak
HER: time
HER: but NOT a divorce never divorece
ME: breaks always end up in divorces
ME: and ill miss you too much hunny
ME: please no!!!
ME: ill do anything
HER: no no no calm down ...just lets gice it a night to sleep on it
HER: we are not divorcing
ME: fine with me
ME: but only if we sleep on it together;-)
HER: lol fine fine
ME: so be it
ME: when can i see you again my love
ME: i need a rigid date !!
ME: its in your control
HER: lol no no no i let u call me
HER: his once
ME: but you deleted your number from my phone
ME: in a passive aggressive wave of emotion
ME: ull have to give it to me again!
HER: hahaha
HER: 498-8499 and that is the last time
ME: oh you wont regret it my love
ME: ill takeur breathe away
ME: among other things
HER: hahahhahahahahahhahahaha
HER: urrt oo funny
E: oh stop!
ME: (lisp voice)
HER: hahahhahaha
HER: ur nuts tongiht ur soof unny
ME: lol
ME: im like this to people that have my full attention
ME: most people dont get it
HER: hahahahahah ur soo sweet!
ME: u and me both babe
HER: hahahaha
HER (my name, every letter doubled or tripled)
HER hahaha
HER yesssss
HER: iknew u were liek this
HER: i knew u havd a secret side and u were just keepuing it in
ME: lol
ME: i keep it for a select few
HER: hahah yess im soo fired up ight now
HER ur like the coolest kid ever
ME: oh geez
HER: yes i really do
ME: lol we
ME: well i really love you too
ME: even though u need to make ur font bigger than mine
ME: trying to gain control
ME: ohh ok
ME: there ya go
ME: no i dont hide anything
ME: usually girls bore me tho
ME: ur quite competent tonight though
ME: most girls would require an explanation of all the jokes
HER: lol thanks logan.
ME: u only got confused once :-*
HER: yaa ur are such a sweet kid
HER: i knew u had an inner person
HER: im glads u lett it out
HER: i was waiting
ME: just for you, sweet thing
HER: hahaha yesssssssss
HER: dont try and take control
ME: damnit
ME: did i say i was joking earlier
ME: i will not turn this relatinship into a joke
ME: when we need to be raising it to a level never seen before
HER: lol ok ok im sorry but im still in control for tinight
ME: oh thats completely fine you little minx
ME: i knew there was a dominatrix in you
ME: let it all out
HER: hahahah
HER: :-D
ME: im not 18 yet
ME: you can vent all ur passion on me
ME: and its completely legal
HER: hahah it would eb legal even if u were cause im 16
ME: so go ahead u power hungry crazy girl
ME: oh sweet 16
ME: gotta love that consent:-P
HER hahahhaa yaa u gotta
HER: ok were bagning hard core
ME: mmmm i duno i heard those nice innocent girls with a wild side werent
always that good in the sac
ME: but i dont have any control here, so ill just go with it;-)
HER: lol well i guess u will never find out if u keep that up
ME: u didnt even read my second sentence
HER: lol yes i did
ME: then u would've known i was just being a flirst
ME: flirt
ME: and that i could never resist you
ME: you just completely over power me
HER: lol
HER: hmmm im kinda confsed at that but im gonns act smart and pretend lie i
HER: sweet logan ur soo nice and cool
ME: well i cant resist because i gave u all the power
ME: but ill take the nice and cool complement still
HER: lol ohh i seee
HER: well it woudl be rape if u didnt wanna
ME: cant rape the willing
ME: lol yesssssssssss
HER: is it all right if i play you a song on the guitar before we bang though,
my love?
HER: or after- its up to you
HER: sure
HER: after
HER: ok i gtg
HER: ttyl lover boy
ME: lol
ME: sweet dreams
HER: u too! night'
ME: nite nite cutie pie
HER: lol ngiht
SHE signed off at 11:54:45 PM.

I was gona follow the guitar thing up with somethign about how i like acoustic
guitars because they're the big .. the biggest of all. they also have great
endurance, and when u finally play them and they deliver their payload....
devastating. I dont know I would have made it work and actually should've got
her to stay so I could've said it but anyway. Critique me and my conversation.
Good day.

sorry i posted this here, its supposed to be in tactics section but im kinda
messed up im terribly sorry, can someone move it or somethin please thanks.

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