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Big RAFC mistake: doing unnessesary shit

mASF post by TheGame»

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Big RAFC mistake: doing unnessesary shit
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mASF post by "TheGame»"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, April 4, 2005

Jeez ... no wonder why formhandle made that post about "advice" from
newbies. This is exactly the kind of shit that will fuck guys up big time.
to mention that this guy has obviously not RTFM and is claiming that stupid
shit is being taught here that is not. Your post is great advice if you want
After all what you're preaching is essentially UG theory. However if you want
HOT girls here are my thoughts:

>-Doing a 'neg' on a girl for
>no reason. She's already
>friendly and talking to them.

This is idiotic, but if the girl isn't hot then your advice is correct. If she
is hot
then you must neg in order to lower her value and raise yours in her eyes.
Otherwise you're just another "nice guy" who is pleasant to socialize with but
she'll never fuck you. She'll let you "date" her and she'll use you, but fuck
you, no, and definitely not the first night.

>-Doing routine after routine
>to 'get the girl more
>interested' when you can see
>she's already into the guy.

If she's already into you then that's correct. However what if she isn't?
what's up" won't build interest.

>-Thinking they have to follow
>some elaborate structure when,
>again, you can see the girl is
>already interested and the guy
>can probably relax and drop
>all that.

Wrong. Without structure you will get nowhere except the occasional Fools'
Mate lay. Think of a salesman. If he meets with a prospect, does he just chat
him up and make pleasant conversation hoping the guy will buy something?
No. He follows a structure and moves the interaction toward the goal of a
sale. So does a PUA. Even if the prospect was interested to begin with, he
won't buy if the salesman doesn't take the interaction in a definite direction,
and the same holds true with pickup.

>-Being harsh to the girl in
>any way when, once again,
>she's already interested or

This is the same as your first point on neg theory.

>-'AMOG'ing other guys when the
>other guys are just regular
>dudes who aren't much of a
>factor in anything.

What's your answer - just surrender up the set to the other guys and hope to
find another? Also AMOGing guys in front of girls builds massive value and
conveys alphaness and AMOGing alone can get you laid.

>-Assuming all girls have the
>bad traits that we have
>tactics for dealing with. eg)
>assuming they're all flakes or
>all stimulus seeking zombies.

All girls do have bad traits. So do all men. It's human nature. Either you
know how to deal with it or you lose.

>-Doing 'anti-flake' measures
>on a girl even though she's
>95% likely not to flake.

All girls are likely to flake. Hot girls are especially likely to flake even
if they
like you. It is totally 100% socially acceptable to a hot girl to flake out on
even if she's interested in you. In fact books like "The Rules" tell girls to
out on purpose to make you supplicate to them.

>-Doing any random technique
>out of nowhere as if it's
>going to help.

I agree. Always follow the game plan.

>-Doing 'take aways' for no
>discernable reason.

Take aways make her chase you. Making a girl chase you is a damn good
reason to do anything. Again without this stuff you're just a nice guy who is
pleasant to chat with but there will be no strong sexual attraction and she
go home with a real man at the end of the night, not you.

>-Hitting on other girls in
>front of the ones they're
>talking to for 'social proof'
>or to show 'higher value'.

We don't "hit" on girls. We game them. And I hate to break it to you but with
SHBs social proof is everything. Social proof alone can get you hot girls
without doing anything else. I get the idea that you've never been seen in a
club with hot girls, otherwise you would know this. If a 10 sees you walking
through a club without girls you're pretty much screwed. Then again have
you ever even approached a 10?

>Why not just stay put and keep
>chatting to these chicks who
>are interested in you?

Because staying put and 'just chatting' as you say makes you another loser
tool who they are using to pass the time until they spot an alpha male who
they want to fuck.

>-Thinking every 100% not
>positive thing a girl does is
>a 'shit test' (I got that one
>from Style)

It is.

>-Thinking that routines are
>more magical then they are and
>not dropping them when the
>girls aren't enthaustiastic.

If the girls aren't enthusiastic then you keep plowing through with game. If
they are enthusiastic then yes you drop the routines and move on to the next
step. You have this one backwards.

>-Feeling you *have* to do
>anything. Like a girl is
>happy to have a normal
>conversation but you have this
>compulsion to 'bust on her'
>even though to do so would be
>coming out of left field.

You said it yourself: "normal conversation." Normal conversation will not
make the girl want to swallow your cock and spread her legs for you. Normal
conversation will make a girl say "you're a nice guy, let's just be
friends." Sure she'll hang around and let you talk to her all night but you're
not getting anywhere near her pussy.

>-Fitting *anything* another
>guy or girl does into some asf
>label. So if another guy is
>joking around with you he's
>automatically trying to 'AMOG'
>you. If a girl looks at you
>it's an 'AI' or an 'IOI'. If
>a girl asks you to wait for
>her for 30 seconds while she
>gets a pen she's 'trying to
>get you to supplicate' or it's
>a 'shit test'. Not everything
>people do is an asf

True but most of the time it is. If you would just take the time to learn the
basics and actually TRY this stuff you would begin to "see the matrix" and
have a much deeper understanding of everything that goes on in a social

>Another category of
>unnessesary things is guys
>performing flashy stunts that
>make them feel cool but don't
>really have much to do with
>getting chicks. The worst is
>when they choose to do these
>things *instead* of getting
>somewhere with a chick and
>then thinking it's an
>accomplishment. I think a lot
>of this comes from
>inappropriately imitating
>certain posters.

I don't agree with doing tricks like magic or palm reading, I think it's lame
a club, just game the girls, but what is your definition of getting somewhere
with a chick? You certainly will not get anywhere having boring normal
conversation, but that's what you seem to advocate.

>-Blowing off girl in some
>interesting manner and then
>bragging that they did so.
>"Did you see that girl? She
>asked for my number but I told
>her she was silly and did a
>backturn! Yeah!" I guess
>they think they're players for
>turning a girl down.

Yes that is lame, in fact bragging about anything is AFC and weak.

>-Doing some technique in a
>vacuum or at the wrong time
>and then being thrilled about
>it. "Haha! I said 'hi' to
>that girl and she said 'hi'
>back to me and then I 'showed
>active disinterest' and
>'purposely disqualified'

Again yes that's lame and stupid but we all already know that. You're not
telling us anything new.

>-AMOGing guys for no reason.

No you don't AMOG guys for no reason. But if a guy comes into your set and
you don't either AMOG him, or own him in front of the girls, the set becomes
his and you're out. Another night of jerking off alone because you failed to
AMOG the guy(s) who stole your set.

>-Grabbing a girl and toying
>with her. Like embarrassing
>her by dragging her over to a
>creepy old guy and announcing
>she's into him or messing with
>her head in some other way.
>Yeah, I guess it's some sort
>of accomplishment that you can
>mess around like this but
>overall it's pretty pointless.

That is stupid shit. But again we all know that, and nowhere on asf is any
like this advocated. Would you at least READ the fucking board?

>-Running a quick good looking
>set in order to show off to
>other guys or doing it in
>front of other girls to mess
>with them

You don't do it to 'mess with them.' You do it to socially proof yourself in
front of your target in the other set. Again it's obvious that you're never
with hot girls because if you were then this would be basic common sense to
you. You also have zero understanding of the power of running a jealousy
plotline. A girl who is mildly interested in you to start becomes a hundred
time more interested as soon as she sees you talking to another girl instead
of her.

>-Bragging that girls bought
>you a drink. Yes, they bought
>you a drink. Good stuff.

No you don't brag. But if girls don't buy you drinks, you suck.

>-Bragging that you got a girl
>to do something for you. Yes,
>you are cool because she
>cleaned your bathroom for you
>but sometimes I see guys value
>this for it's own sake just
>because guys like TD and jlaix
>have posted about it.

I've never heard of TD or Jlaix bragging in set that a girl did anything unless
was intended as C&F. But since you know everything, why not meet up with
TD and Jlaix and demonstrate your master PU skills to them? Show them in
real life that you are better at this then they.

>-Doing elaborate things to
>mess with people in bars.
>Like crafting some scenario
>where you convince a bunch of
>dorks to go talk to some
>chicks and laughing at them.
>What's the point?

Dude... where the fuck are you coming up with this shit? READ THE BOARD
before posting and writing fiction about what is being taught here.

>-Provoking and being rude to
>girls for no reason. Again,
>you are cool for that creative
>way you annoyed those three
>fat girls, I'm sure your wings
>high fived you, I'm sure it
>was funny, but it has nothing
>to do with getting chicks.

No we do not go out and be rude to girls. We playfully neg them, always with
a smile or smirk on our faces. You bust on the girl but let her know that it's
PLAYING. Any guy who goes out and is rude to a girl is AFC. Again, READ

Hey form, maybe make newbs take a brief quiz to make sure they've actually
read the board before making shit up like this and posting their own "advice?"


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