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Field Report VIVA OX

mASF post by ox

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Field Report VIVA OX
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mASF post by "ox"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, February 2, 2005


as i type this shit i am as happy as a gay giraffe. fuck man. VIVA OX. I AM THE

no seriously, i remember feeling depressed for a shitty night(read fr only
lesbians...)that i couldnt take it anymore. Sick and tired really. So i checked
out mysteries´web page to find a workshop or something. Then i read

“you want to stand out, you dont want to fit in”


I went out and bought a THICK silver bad-ass bracelet at 50% off discount sale
in one of the shops in my town, plus i bought kick ass, super tight AYOR(at
your own risk) T SHIRT. The t-shirt flashes “shining is not a crime”. Fucking
cool shit man.

And i went out to ANOTHER TOWN near by so i dont have the risk factor of being
seen by co-workers or anybody....that was a great move in retrospect.

One thing, when i bought the t-shirt the shop assistant started to flirt with
me and i invited her into the changing room(she almost did). That moment i KNEW
the bracelet i had bought was well-spent money. I got it for 50 bucks, it was
100 dollars the week before. Cool.

So i go out. I know my bracelet is working and my t-shirt is working. I know

Clothes: tight jeans(reveals a big gym ass), tight flasher t-shirt; big
boots(make my ass look even bigger),

First bar
I get in like fucking james bond. I take off my leather jacket(money, by the
way). Immediatly 2 uglies ec. I give them my back. I give them my ass to suck.
Half turned to them(powerful shit).
Ox: is this carnival time(standard opener for the night, situational due to
some people in costume)
Uglies: something i dont remember.

Ox: well....
I ejected.

Start working the room. I see a big group in the back. I move....

As i walk slowly, a fatty in the group, makes mad ec with me. I go in.
Ox: is this carnival time...?
Fattie: no, but it is next week.

She is giggly and the group starts to open to me. I ignore the group and plough
the fattie. Group starts giggling and girl coding. They are surprised the fatty
is talking to me, a money i ignore the group and chat the fattie. The
group opens to me. Ox is the man.
Ox: you are wearing costume right?
Fattie: o yeah; the 3 mosketeers
Ox: alright, who is who. Who is aramis...
I start engaging the group with who is who.

SOCIAL HOOK POINT HAS PASSED. They are no longer awared i am a stranger..i
eject. I am just warming up

I am dandy. I move to the back. I stand in, between 2 groups. One is on my
right. Another in front of me. The ones in front start dancing like hell,
trying to get me to open. I ignore. I stand there, legs apart, hands to the
sides, chest up...mad ecs.
My target is a hb6 brunette on the right. We make ec. I hold ec, she holds it.
It is weird. She keeps ec for the longest time. Fuck..i have trouble
maintaining it. I start to lick my lips and maintains the contact until she
breaks it. Due to weirdness. That thing we did there was the shit. She was
hooked. She has great tits though not a great ass. I dont care. I want those
tits for me.
I continue standing there and dont open. Tension is being built.
I open hb5 in the group with situational. And start fluffing. I ignore the
group. Hb5 is so happy that she starts qualifying to me on the spot. She talks
fast as i act uninterested. She is CHASING big time. We talk. Hb6 brunette
starts to get bugged. How come i am not talking to her...
Hb6 interrupst us.
Hb6: is he from x town?
Hb5: yes
Hb6: yes, me too.
Ox: cool...i love it here. People have more fun here.
Hb6: o yeah. So much more fun.
We fluff. She is attracted. But start to look at her ass and i can see some gap
in her teeth. It turns me off. Fuck. I eject. I saw her later on the street and
invited her to a bar but the group would not come. Whatever.

Anyway, after all this i am having fun big time. But i havent accomplished my
goal of isolation. I start thinking about going home. Looser moment(lm). Ok i
am kind of thinking, let´s go home when i am still winning.
Fuck that.
Go to another bar:
Groups are opening up to me dancing in front of me. My fucking bracelet and
t-shirt and body language is working like hell.
I open a fatty in a group. My target is hb6brunette, sexy face, absolutely
Fatty: wow you look great.
Ox: thanks, you are so bad
Fatty: no
Ox: opener situational and fluff about carnivals
Hb6 wants in in the combo.
Hb6: we are cousins
Ox: really, wow, you dont look alike..ok, may be the eyes...
My bl is perfect. I am half way in. Totally laid back. I am liking myself.
Hb6: i move around a lot in my work.
Ox: are you a vet?
They laugh like crazy. I dont know why.

Ox: i am a psychic. I will guess your job....
Lion tamer fucking anything i throw today flies...
Hb6: i will take the whip and whip you...
Ox: you think you can control with a whip..uh..i dont think are
trouble..i better back off
Great response, she is into it.
I go to the bar to get some beer. I let her in charge of looking after my
precious leather jacket.
In the bar.
2 super hot babes dancing in front of the bar.hb8 blonde, hb8 brunette.

I go in.

Ox: can you guys sell me a beer. You are the waiters, right?(neg theory)
Hb8 brunette: leave us alone
Ox: didnt you guys work in the lottery tv program(i hint they are dumb models)
Hb8 blonde: no
Ox: you look like them. I can see you are here to hook with the waiter uh..
Hbbruneet is pissed off. She tries to speak to me and ignore her, i focus on
the blonde.
Hb brunette is totally out of her mind and grabs my hand and pulls me..
Ox: hands off the goods, you gotta pay to touch me..
Hb brunette is totally mad but continues to pull at me.
Hb: you asshole.(but she is still holding me and kinoing me)
Ox: is she always like this....(to blonde)
We fluff and---

I feel so good with this that i eject out of boredom...

I have to fast forward here. I open more sets. Got a number close and i am
basically flowing like hell.

I meet up with a friend of mine. He is a natural. He has A LTR. But he is
fucking a couple of girls on the side. I respect him but at the end of the
night he is the one respecting me. I pulled girls out of his league and he kind
of look at me with different eyes.
We meet up. He is with a girl. And we go a latin music bar.
He introduces me to her girl´s group. He introduces me to the cutest little
girl in the bar. She is really small but has an almost perfect face, great
body, and probably 19 year old. She is hb8,5. i am being conservative here.

Ox: hi, you are so small...
She giggles like mad. I start with her hair and shit. She starts qualifying
herself to me. We kino a lot. But she is just a little girl for me. We agreed
to dance the next song. I give my back and ignore. Second song comes and she
wont dance because she is shy and doesnt know how to dance latin music...i
punish with back turn...she missed her chance with me...
I move on..
I go to a set. Hb6and hb5.
I go in hard. High energy...i start grinding and talking directly with hb6
Ox: you dance well.
Hb6: i cant dance actually..
Ox: where are you from?
Hb6: x
Ox: wow, i am from x(not related)...and i give her the biggest hug and she
loves it. We start grinding like mad....she dances between my legs and shit. I
reward her.
Ox: you are fantastic
Hb6: thanks
Ox: but you are a bad girl though. Let me see your hand.
Minicold read while dancing.
We are kinoing and touching and i go for kiss. I managed to kiss her on the
lips but she offers resistance but it goes down. I kiss her in neck.
My friend, the natural, is totally watching this thing go down. I mean, i came
in the set and in under 10 minutes i am kissing the girl. He cant believe his
eyes and so is the blonde small hb8,5. she is just standing there MAD. She
missed her chance with man the ox.
ALL OF A SUDDEN, i look at myself in the mirror and i realized how PEACOCKed
out of my mind i am. In the mirror while i grind with this girl, i can see that
my t-shirt is tottaly kick ass and my body is EXPLODING from serious gym work
and my arms are really huge for a guy of my height. No wonder girls all want to
touch my biceps. I start getting into super state or mega state. I am starting
to have the feeling. I FUCKING OWN THIS PLACE(IFOTP credit to ox). I am super
high. I am grinding with this girl and all eyes are on me. I am the fucking
swinging dick in this place. I mean girls watch this go down and are like “who
is this guy”, guys are sitting there serious and shit..
Anyway, i resumed with girl. She tells she has a boyfriend(after we kiss).
Remorse. actualy, she is wearing a neck lace with his fucking name on it(one of
those military ones with blood type and shit). the guy has some strange name. i
ask if he is african. lol. She says she has to go to the toilet and disappear
for a while. She also couldnt believe what had just happened.
I continue opening sets and my friend can not believe me. He saw me last year
and now this year he can see i am a totally different person..well, more
respect for me.
Girl comes back ask me for number. She cant give me hers for the boyfriend
thing or whatever. I punch it in and call my phone so i got her number. She
doesnt like it. They probably live together. I dont care.

I go home with a smile on my face. What is reality anyway?

Lessons learned:
1. stand out, dont fit in.(peacock like hell)
2. many women are afc(you are probably the best thing that is going to happen
to them in their lonely, forgotten existence). So open them all. It is their
3. you are the prize. You have the bull by the horns. You can change their
lives and their boring night with your personality.
4. dont try too hard. dont be attached to outcome. that´s the best way to be

Unless otherwise noted, this article is Copyright©2005 by "ox" with implicit permission provided to for reproduction. Any other use is prohibited without the explicit permission of the original author.


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