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Field Report+: SHBs, Ian Thorpe and a HBSocial Proof

mASF post by incognito

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Field Report+: SHBs, Ian Thorpe and a HBSocial Proof
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mASF post by "incognito"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, September 9, 2004

On 9/12/04 12:36:00 AM, Sirducer wrote:

>We open up the female set
>about whos a better swimmer,
>Phelps or Thorpe... they
>dribble bullshit, one is
>friendly the other HB is a
>bitch! We eject and as we walk
>off Thorpe comes by me and I
>ask him whos got more gold
>Phelps or him, he first
>pretends he didnt hear me then
>I motion him to come over and
>he does, I stood there like I
>was some celeb going "Hey fool
>come here if you know whats
>good for you", he comes over
>(rather big guy and Im 6'4)
>and I ask him again, he says
>hes got more gold, I shake his
>hand and he leaves. LOL Me and
>my wing cracked up laughing at
>how I got him to come over
>with my hand!

This is AFC behaviour man.

Finding out if he is as good as some other celebrity swimmer.

They are BOTH far better than you. I bet he gets this kind of shit all the time
and he is used to it.

There are so many posts here that demonstrate that people don't understand neg
. You can neg early on, but you can't insult or tease this soon. This
kind of thing is a tease for after you have opened.

Not as a qualifying question. What were you doing?
"Thorpe if you are better than Phelps you can hang with us." THEN you shake his
hand, like he IS cool enough to hang with you.

So what you summoned him. He was probably bored of chicks trying to build
rapport with him and you guys looked like fun. Then you fucked it up. You could
have given him a bit of fun, got him laughing and become his best friend for
the night. If you did this well you would have social proofed yourself to the
rest of the place. Keeping dominant body language and if he gets intimidated
just sprinkle in some DLV routines.

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