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ijjji, i should respond

mASF post by suavedave

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ijjji, i should respond
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mASF post by "suavedave"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2004


On Location > Girl.

The idea here is that you are APPROACHING them. Yes, in my experience
Generally theory and knowledge are not conducive to PU However, Neg theory,
Pivots, the 3 second rule etc.....etc.... are all Theory and the result of

First, L>G is based on women not approaching you. Your response seems to
suggest women may be approaching you. Some situations IMHO are simply not
condusive to approaching women. Take for instance the bus. [see other post on
approaching on buses]

L>G is based on the idea of gradually improving your comfort zone and was
initially set-out for beginning AFCs. This means that they should, in order to
gain practical Field experience start in an area of comfort. Guys, for
instance on sosuave are not doing Any approaches! L > G says that you start
off small, start, say, asking a cashier where the socks are, asking a
McDonald's clerk about prices, but Anything and everything to simply get the
ball rolling and start getting the Hang of speaking to strangers. Once these
small steps are accomplished then they can begin taking bigger and bigger

Before responding I wanted to clarify all this to myself, but it's all very
clear now. Approaching, and hell PU in general is largely about momentum e.g.
the maxim success breeds success. (though, as mystery has pointed out all
maxims have counter-maxims). When you are in a place to do A LOT of
approaches you can simply move on, and move on quickly to the next chick.

As a personal example. I was recently in Kyoto and doing a lot of PU work
there. I touched on this very briefly on sosuave but here's an example of ONE
DAY of approaches. I go out, do a few openers. Finally I bring the chick over
to a secluded area and begin kino/etc. Then, it's on to the next one in about
a minute if the first one doesn't work. The best example was where I isolated
one chick, IMMEDIATELY went out again and the very next chick I approached I
was able to isolate. That is Three insta-dates in the period of about an hour.

When you are doing approaches in a smaller/less populated area what are your
chances, what re-course do you have when the PU fails? What options do you
have for the next chick. PU is all about momentum. When doing mass approaches
you have another chick in Less than a minute flat, what chance is there to
worry about the last chick? No chance because you are already on to the next
girl, there isn't any feeling "off" because she rejected you because you just
continue doing approaches.

In a situation where you are not Actively approaching you have no Next chick to
approach. None. So what, my friend do you feel? This is the secret! This
is why you go out specifically to sarge.

This was the error of my ways before I found ASF and before I Discovered the
concept of doing approaches -- thanks to Mystery for his suggestion " 4 nights
/ week, 12 approaches a day". Before mASF I would see like One chick that I
really liked. Then I either A) wouldn't even approach her and fee like garbage
because I didn`t approach ( and feel like garbage for like the rest of the
day) or do One approach (say, one a week) and then feel like shit if it didn't
work/feel shy, embarrassed, etc, etc.

No no no...... What we learn here at mASF is to Actively approach, to do Mass
approaches. Mass approaches = no opportunity to feeling off.

You seem to be speaking about something different about "Getting it," perhaps
about an evolution to being a natural, or something.... I don't know, and I
don't know a lot about you or or style or your success. You seem to have a lot
of information to share and I enjoyed reading your method. If you Are speaking
about the possibility of an evolutionary shift (say, natural --> non-natural I
believe this as well, I know this can happen.

But my style is not based on this and nor does it need to be. Right now, while
it would be Nice to suddenly/gradually become a natural» my Current modis
operandi has nothing to do with that, has nothing to do with chicks digging me
so much they just have to find a way to get me... of course I want it to be
that way, but in terms of my actual Active PU approach it has nothing to do
with that. I go out specifically to sarge, open a chick, isolate the one's
that are interested and then take it from there... If I'm successful, great.
If I'm not then I chalk it to experience, to more field work experience and to
learning to deal with not getting what I want. To travel hopefully is a better
thing than to arrive.

Another example. Take bus/train PU, or any situation where you simply cannot
approach. You see the HB and for one reason cannot open her. What do you
do....? Maybe you wonder how you are going to open her. Or take an AFC that,
while he can and does feel comfortable doing approaches, say, on a bus (for
starters) but simply can't open in a cashier line. He Knows that he can and
does very easily open on busses so HE DOESNT WORRY about not being able to open
in this situation. You pick your battles.

PU is also about downtime! From your post you seem to recommend being
constantly alert, constantly vigilant for IOI, constantly open to the
possibility of PU. And what does this cause...? It causes a waste of energy.
L>G means that you Save your energy. You know, "in this situation I am not
going to PU!" and that's it, you don't PU, you don't worry about the
possibility of PU'ing in this situation and so you leave it, you have decided
not to PU, relax your energy and then fire up again when you are back in your

So, I appreciate the comments and your continued active contribution to the
board. Feel free to challenge me on any of these points....


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