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Why AMOGS are such a huge issue

mASF post by Jamster

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Why AMOGS are such a huge issue
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mASF post by "Jamster"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, May 5, 2004

On 5/12/04 10:51:00 AM, tolan2 wrote:
>#1, always be a gent, i.e.
>Its just shows bad form. Your
>default response if asked is
>"he seems like a cool guy, in
>a way", and then think of why
>this is true. You need to
>approach this congruently,
>meaning you need to understand
>why this is true. This is
>about severing your EMOTIONAL
>responses, from you
>intellectual ones, and this is
>VERY difficult when it comes
>to men and sex, be able to
>laugh! Have fun!


Dewd, you keep saying great stuff.

I need to work on my technique, but here's the theory I work on. This is the
kind of thing that works differently for different people and different
situations, but this underlies my approach.

Like Tolan says, say something good about the OMOG. Two very powerful things
about this

1) The phrases you use always reflect on you. "Good guy. Lot of energy.
Upfront." Whatever. Use the words you want to be associated with you.

Because they will be.

That's one way "Mr Smooth" technique works.

2) If you say what it is that is good (or bad) about someone, there is this
subcontext where you are making YOU the one who judges and him the one who
qualifies himself (Maybe. If he plays his cards right).

Women pick up on that very, very fast. OMOGs are usually a little slower.


Say bad things, it's easy to fight. Hard to defend against good things said
about you.

They get past AMOG sheilds, too. If you feel you have to put the other guy in
his place, use neg theory. Don't insult.

Say good things with an edge or a qualifier. Neg. "That guys has such intense
energy! Y'know, maybe he needs some work on control, but he's got something
powerful there." "Wow! you're, like, ready to take on the world. Look out!"

Jamster Geezer
"If you cant be graceful, fake it."

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