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My NEGs.. are better than yours! I can teach you..

mASF post by luar

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My NEGs.. are better than yours! I can teach you..
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mASF post by "luar"
posted on: mASF forum: Tactics / Techniques Discussion, April 4, 2004

On 4/20/04 4:01:00 AM, ijjjji wrote:
>MAD props to Mystery for
>inventing NEG theory!
>Negs by ijjjji:
>Aww.. your eyes are lovely..
>especially the left one!
>Aww.. nice teeth! Are they
>Wow.. you work out.. now and
>Wow.. you could ALMOST be a
>You are pretty.. you could
>have been a model.. if
>slightly taller.. and
>You are pretty.. are you an EX
>I had to come talk to you cos
>you looked so cute.. from over
>there! (point)
>You look really sexy.. from
>Aww.. nice hair!!! Is it real? (pull) Hey it moved!

Here goes a couple of other ones:
"Your hands are so SOFT and GENTLE,.. Like toilet paper".
"You look very stunning, must be the lighting"
"You have some real beautiful, gorgeous hair, like Lassies"

>ijjjji hates 'NEG' that is only negative like "AICH.. you >SPIT on me.. YUCK!"
They are not cool and lots of people >report that they BACKFIRE!

I use this one without the words.
It's all in you facial expressions, and your hand and head movement:
Look at your arm curiously,
Look up at HB semi-disgusted,
Look at your arm again.(like your taking a closer look)
Look up at HB again, and either wipe your arm with your hand, or wipe arm on

Good Post ijjjji.

"Then toss that bitch cause I don't lover her"-Mannie Fresh

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