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‘Take the fuck over the set’

mASF post by Playboy L.A.

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‘Take the fuck over the set’
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mASF post by "Playboy L.A."
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, April 4, 2004

>On 4/6/04 5:10:00 PM, Playboy L.A.
>>Well, I think the first and
>>most obvious question is - how
>>are you opening? What kind of
>>opener are you using?
>Usually opinion opener -the most:
>-"I need quick female opinion opener on
>this? How do you think if i dyed my hair
>to blond",
>-"What do you girls think about this
>joke?-bla bla bla X joke"
>Generally i try to use C&F but recently
>i'm interested in Juggler and Mystery
>method...but still my main is C&F

Well, I can't speak with much certainty about Juggler,
but Mystery's material is largely intrigue based and
GREAT for group sets. I have seen him literally blow
open group sets using intrigue based material. Check
his archive for some examples. I think using an
opener, and then seguewaying into C&F is a golden
theory, as long as you are good on your feet. Also - a
GREAT opener for street/daytime p-up is Style's
Jealous GF...look it up - very very solid.

>>are you negging the target?
>Nose wiggles, nails,
>(Usually 1-3 negs, but i neg only my

Be careful...I agree with Wilder (see below)...don't
overneg. Negging is very important, when
accompanied with calibration - trust your instincts on
this one. You want them to get interested in you, and if
their perceived social value is "higher" than you (does
that make sense??) then you'll need to neg. If not,
DON'T do it...Mystery invented neg theory because he
was sarging true 9s & 10s, and needed to lower their
self-esteem, if only momentarily, so that he could raise
his own value while creating space for him to reveal his
personality. You see, SHBs are hit on SO much that
they have certain auto-pilot responses to AFC
behavior...a neg goes directly against this, surprises
them, knocks them off their little pedestal, as well as
creates interest from them to you because they rarely
ever hear this.

>>Are you stacking routines?
>Sometimes yes, sometimes no- it depends
>on situ!
>I don't want it to be unnatural!

Don't worry about being natural or not IMO - try to stay in
set as long as possible, and learn how to be natural
while under unnatural circumstances. This is a key to
pick-up - you MUST become congruent to the
unnaturalness that sarging implies - particularly with
indirect style (opinion openers for ex are indirect). So,
my suggestion would be to stack routines - stories
(funny, from your life), openers, whatever. The beauty of
staying in the set is that you find yourself inventing new
routines on the fly, finding new sequencings etc. Good
stuff. ONE caveat would be that if you live in a small
town, feel free to eject - don't create a strange vibe for
yourself in your own backyard IMO. For me, I have lived
in NYC and LA...a smorgasbord of sets.

>>Yes, it is difficult to work a
>>5-set on your own (better with
>>a good wing, or two even)
>Unfortunately i don't have wing at my
>Uni, and i prefer going sarge to public
>places alone

Fine - then you will need high impact material.
Otherwise, I strongly suggest meeting other PUAs thru
PAIR (here on asf), local lairs, or commercially.

>>it is doable. The beauty is,
>>that if you are able to work
>>it properly, you CAN isolate
>>off of a 5-set (as opposed to
>>a 2-set where you can't, or
>>rather, where you will find it
>>very difficult to isolate).
>>So, please give a bit more
>>info here and I will be happy
>>to dissect for you the
>>strategy of what to do.
>I would be very very thankful
>Thank you in Advance!

With pleasure.


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