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Re: Definition of a SHB

mASF post by Harmless

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Re: Definition of a SHB
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mASF post by "Harmless"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, February 2, 2004

Interesting post, but how does this help us? So we can
IDENTIFY SHBs. Great. Let's talk about GAMING them. What
tactics are effective?

For club game:

First thing to remember is that MOST SHBs are a strange mix
of LSE/HSE. They think they're hot, but they need to be
reminded of it (validated) constantly. This can actually
work in our favor. (Think NEG THEORY)

Second thing to remember is that they are usually largely
dependant on peer approval for what they do, because their
peers are usually the A-crowd. So a good way to gain THEIR
acceptance is to first gain peer acceptance (Think GROUP

Third thing to remember is that IN THE CLUB these girls
usually have to put up shields. They're hit on by drunk,
obnoxious guys all night if they're not with friends
(another reason they don't come out alone).

Fourth thing to remember is that if they aren't with a guy,
they usually surround themselves with less-attractive HBs
and Bs. You MUST make sure these obstacles don't CB.

How you deal with this depends on your approach. For SHBs,
you must remember that simply going GWM on approach won't
get your desired results. You first need to attract them by
demonstrating VALUE.

If it looks like I'm mentioning Mystery's stuff a lot,
that's because MM is TUNED for SHBs in clubs. That's what
it's MOST EFFECTIVE for. So take what WORKS and make it work
for YOU.

So you can't do magic tricks? Big deal. They work, believe
me, but they're by no means necessary. Find other ways to
DHV to a GROUP. Create stories based on life experiece. If
your life experience is lacking, find someone else and steal
THEIR stories. Hell, read one out of an old magazine.

While DHVing the group, be disinterested to the target, but
make sure she stays around. There are a few ways to hook
her. Mystery gives her his hat or something else. I
sometimes do it by saying, "Oh, can I ask you a question?"
and forgetting to ask the question.

We're talking basic MM here, guys.



PS: The Hilton sisters are 8.5s, tops. ANYONE looks good
with professional hair and makeup and soft lighting.

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