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just funny shower

mASF post by Pheromone

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just funny shower
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mASF post by "Pheromone"
posted on: mASF forum: Tactics / Techniques Discussion, February 2, 2004

On 2/14/04 4:05:00 AM, Strongbad wrote:
>>Come to think of it I do and
>>say all kinds of fucked up
>>shit to girls and they laugh.
>>Like fart on them or fart and
>>blame it on them. The grimier
>>the better, in my experiences.
>You fart on your targets???
>That is so fucked up. I heard
>Badboy sarged some stuck up
>HB, so he borrowed his
>friend's broke down car,
>didn't shower or shave for a
>few days... on purpose. Like
>it's funny but what exactly
>does farting on girls

It's a _slight_ neg. Neg Theory brings them into YOUR reality. By bringing
them into your reality, you are demonstrating that you don't care what they
think of you, which in turn makes them care what you think of them AND makes
you more attractive in the process. Congruency with negs is very important.
However, if you do something that is truly rude, it won't matter if you are
completely congruent. Also, if you do something that is truly disgusting or
weird, then her mind will subconsciously rationalize if her friends (or peer
group that gives her validation) would approve of that... if they would - it's
good... if they wouldn't - it's not good.

Hedge happens to be doing it in a playful way instead of a serious way like
Mystery might do it (Mystery laughs at them after they pull his finger and he
rips one). By doing it in a playful way, you are demonstrating that you don't
care what they think of you, but it's in a less harsh way(maybe call it a half

I personally burp really loud, scratch my crotch, take up a lot of space, don't
hold doors open for people, etc. All of which _slightly_ neg everyone who it
effects (makes you more attractive if you are congruent with it). I've also
farted really loud in public and everyone knew it was me - but i had a straight
face on and NO ONE made a peep. <--b/c i was completely congruent with it (ie -
it's who i am OR it's who people perceive me to be). Now if someone had wanted
to test my reality when i farted, then they could have (for an example) pointed
and laughed at me... and then i would just point and laugh at them back
(passing the test and bringing them into my reality).


I'll soon be changing my name to " Tommy W ". Be looking for those posts.

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