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Field Report: Strikeforce I - Faer the Pimp Hand

mASF post by Astronaut

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Field Report: Strikeforce I - Faer the Pimp Hand
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mASF post by "Astronaut"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, January 1, 2004

Sent : Sunday, January 18, 2004 1:12 PM


Been preaching how day game is much easier than club game. Good that the
Strikeforce Sargefest incorporates day sarging. Newbies gather in a
cockfarm waiting for the trainers. A bro and I roll off to check out the
action in the store. No empty tables left at the cafe so we sit with a
___ coed who’s reading a romance novel and waiting for a friend. We
tell her to tell the friend to come quick cuz there are 2 hunks waiting.
Bust on her novel for being female porn. I say, Yeah it’s all, ‘Her bosoms
heaved as she strained against his muscular body.’ We talk for a bit, need
to go cuz the sargefest is starting, and bro slides his phone across the
table. She’s like, What’s this? He tells her she knows what to do but she
refuses to give the #. I think he could’ve gotten the # but sliding the
phone was too “player-ish” for her cuz she previously said she considered
herself a good girl.


Day game on lonewolves is ridiculously easy compared to club game. Club
game is more difficult cuz it boils down to overcoming ASD. Shit like
opinion openers, befriending, DHV, disarming bitch shields, group theory and
shit is about allowing her to show interest in fucking you in front of
friends in a manner as to not make her appear like a slut in front of her
social group. Most girls are already isolated during day gaem, so virtually
no skills needed for daytime game except for alpha balls. Grab your balls,
go up and say something, and pitch to relocate. Make the girls go binary –
yes or no. In isolation girls say yes. It’s natural for pussy to say yes
to dick. I open up a nice hottie and pitch for relocation but she’s waiting
for her bf who works at the store. He’s a hippie looking motherfucker.
Lucky bastard. The place is crawling with hotties and I try to push guys
into approaches. Why I even push guys is beyond me. What’s the point of
trying to hand pussy to pussies? At this stage of my game, I need to hang
exclusively with hungry, like-minded guys who can motivate their own asses
to go out, put in a tremendous amount of field work, and acquire the skills,
with or without a drill instructor. Guys who want to be best of the best
and are going for bona fide PUA status and trying to acquire skills to fuck
close HB8s and up 7 days a week from straight cold approaches, nothing less.

My crew and I move to another venue and Wing and a bro game up a swedish 2
set. The set’s going too long without relocation so I stand across the set
and cough and say “Coffee!” ha ha. It’s a gigantic cock train as newbs
follow us around as we look for targets. First girl giggles and runs off
after I open her. Next, I open up a New Order brunette and blonde german.
I pitch to relocate after 5 minutes. Brunette won’t go for relocation cuz
she has a bf, and blonde german is waiting for someone. For some reason,
the targets aren’t as available today. Whatever, weeknights are for
non-club venues and weekend sarging energy is reserved for clubs.


Grab some dinner. There’s a huge mixed 8 set in the booth behind us, with a
hot big titted brunette behind me. I cannot stop turning around and
checking her out. I want to fuck her doggystyle. Bros says she’s giving me
AIs. I’m trying to figure out to open, a bro turns around and asks for
change, and I open her and the guy nearest to us. The guy is her bf and
comes to our table to talk. Bad move. The crew engages him. I open so
many mixed sets that anyone who sarges with me quickly develops skills in
occupying guys, ha ha. I start to game her up.

She’s a consultant and asks me if I’ve been to a certain place that does ___
cuz she does ___. WTF is this coincidence shit that keeps
happening? In little over a week, I end up sarging 2 ___ and her. I SS
the shit out of her and she shows IOIs and asks me my name and other shit.
I smack her upside the head and tell her to slow the fuck down. I tell her,
then ask her about herself. She jokes, Oh you move fast too. Girls are not
allowed to cocky funny me cuz my value is higher than theirs so I smack her
on the head again, ha ha. I smack her upside her head 3 separate times and
she giggles like a school girl each time. The crew is like, Holy shit.
Amazing what you can get away with by being congruent. Fuck Neg Theory, it
takes too much work. I have been punching and smacking girls in lieu of
negs and cocky funny – my Pimp Smack Theory. I am hardcore – I will pimp
smack your gf and have her love it too. Try to pull contact info but can’t,
bf comes back and I wish him luck in school.


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