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Outing Report: ZERO approaches

mASF post by Mystery

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Outing Report: ZERO approaches
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mASF post by "Mystery"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, November 11, 2003

>Today I acted like a complete looser AFC. I need flaming and punishment to
ensure that what happened today NEVER EVER EVER happens again.

nature weeds out those who cant replicate.

>I went to sarge today. On the subway I see this girl that I opened and chatted
with (also on the subway) for like 5 minutes. So I open her with "you look
awfully familiar." She remembers me and reminds me that we decided I am too
young for her (21 vs. 26). I say "oh yeah, you couldn't get over the age

you have a 5 min convo and got this as an objection? objection to what? you
were trying to make her your GF inside 5 minutes????? consider INDIRECT OPENERS
in the future.

>Anyway, she tries to read her book; I persist and force a convo. She gets very
friendly and we chat the entire ride; I try to #close (she was going to work)
and fail. That was the highlight of my day.

ouch. you are going through your learning lumps. good. LEARN from your
mistakes. learn to not make the same ones again and again.

here were your errors that I could see in this FR:

1. you didnt DHV or NEG, thereby not creating ATTRACTION.
2. you conveyed interest WAY TOO SOON. you cant do that until AFTER you have
F2M ATTRACTION and AFTER you are into M2F ATTRACTION phase.
3. you tried to build a bridge though you had no IOIs.
4. you used DIRECT OPENERs and talked about 'the relationship' instead of
interesting threads that took her imagination outside of the 'situation'.


1. learn NEG theory.
2. learn some tried and true INDIRECT OPENERS. stack them.
3. dont go formal by asking her name.
4. have good DHV routines that convey your personality - let her CHOOSE YOU
5. dont give IOIs (convey interest) until you are into the M2F ATTRACT phase.

>The rest was a disaster. I go to 42nd street in NYC. For those who don't is very busy. I can’t get EC from anyone; it’s like impossible
initiate anything.

you DO NOT REQUIRE EC!!!!!! go in over your shoulder and open. learn how to
OPEN. its an entire PHASE. if you cant open you will never learn how to get
good. meet up with a PUA or 2 in NYC and ask them to teach you how to OPEN.
take a TD workshop or talk to SICKBOY.

>I miss a couple of opportunities because of thoughts like “It’s so hard to
keep them engaged on these busy streets.” Then I decide that I will follow
them, but I am a PUSY so I don’t.

stack openers. you need several. dont stop moving targets (thats TD advanced
shit). go to venues where the girls (and their groups) dont have time
constraints (like they paid to get in a club so wont be leaving in the next 3

>From then on it just snowballed. I try Virgin Megastore (music store) and
cannot even find a target as none of them are hot enough, and the ones that are
hot enough are too old and other bullshit thoughts like that.

yep. it happens. go to where the GIRLS ARE PLENTIFUL so you can PRACTICE. and
if you are in practice mode, might as well internalize your material by hitting
on ANY GIRL. practice your shit on UGs so that when HBs come along youll have
your shit up to speed.

>Then I try H&M (women’s clothes store) and I am the only male there, so get
fucked up thoughts like “they are gonna know I am sarging.” So I decide I will
tell them I am shopping for my gf. I try a few targets with simple hellos, but
they just want to shop and I don’t persist (because I am PUSSY) so it doesn’t

you arent OPENING. things to learn (and you have to SEE it from a PUA as this
is DIFFICULT to learn in TEXT) are body rocking (like you are about to leave as
you speak), indirect openers, stacking, false time constraints and soon
throwing in negs.

>This discourages me further and I skip a few targets completely.

yep. you need a faster recovery time. "recover soldier. next set. go."

>I find myself very hungry and blame it on that.

no worries. much of the battle to get a woman is found in our own heads. just
3second rule it.

see, I bet you dont know what good IS. you go out and try and just dont get how
its supposed to look. if you knew that, you'd DO that. that is why you MUST see
a PUA in action. in fact, you should watch MANY in action. who in NYC can help
the guy out ... show him how to OPEN ... sickboy?

>The rest of the day follows the same pattern. I go eat, read my affirmations
to myself (couldn’t read them out loud) then continue.

cool. so long as you decide to KEEP GOING UNTIL you are a MASTER, it will all
come together. each approach is an education in what doesnt work ... these
accumulate and hone you into only doing what DOES work. you could speed up the
process dramatically though if you had a mentor. do a workshop (not mine, you
arent advanced enough) and/or hang out with a good PUA once. dont let the blind
lead the blind. the guy has laid less than 50 girls, dont learn from him. kiss
his ass for taking the time out.

>I try a mall and same shit happens there. I try Macy’s and same shit happens
there. The most I can do is a half-assed “Hi” get a “hi” back, but they
wouldn’t stop of course and would just keep walking and I would not persist.

ok so the problem is ... you do NOT understand the complexities of OPENING. I
could teach this to you and SHOW you LIVE ... I promise you its just about 10
or so basic concepts that you have to internalize but they have to seen taught
by seeing body movements. its not a text thing. well, it COULD be taught in
text, but it would take a BOOK to explain something that can be SHOWN inside 2
hours. maybe ill write the book.

>I try some more outside and it’s fucking cold (just another excuse).

but it fucks with state so its legit.

>I did ZERO real approaches since I got off the train. The thing is, once you
skip a target it begins to snowball you begin to loose state and begin to give
off this AFC vibe and chicks can sense that.

dont worry about an AFC vibe. you need to learn how to OPEN. ANY of my former
students can OPEN consistently. come on boys, help the brother out to OPEN

>When that happened I should have just gone home. Instead I persisted, but with
no energy and the shitty AFC vibe it was useless.

>Anyway I NEED PUNISHMENT and I NEED TO BE FLAMED. This should NEVER happen

oh it will haa. the only thing I do to handle state is to do 3 WARM UP SETS to
start, be sure I had a disco nap (enough sleep) before hand, and 3 second rule
my approaches. thats all you can really do - and all you need to do IMHO.

keep GOING OUT!!!!


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