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Re: C&F false compliments

mASF post by H4rM1355

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Re: C&F false compliments
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mASF post by "H4rM1355"
posted on: mASF forum: Tactics / Techniques Discussion, October 10, 2003

comments below:

Essennem101 wrote:

> I have begun to field test a false compliment C&F/neg opener:
> That’s an interesting necklace.
> Thanks, blah -
> Oh no! I wasn’t giving you a compliment. I just thought it was interesting.
> Do you *always* fish for compliments :) ?

If you can keep it from seeming too canned, I can see it working. This
sounds like stuff I was using a couple months ago, with average success.
(Not trying to belittle it, it may work better for you. I wouldn't be
surprised.) You say field tested, so I'll asume it is.

> ***
> Descending/hesitation “It’s ok, not too bad, maybe” false compliment.
> I've inadvertently done this many times and it works great to get chicks to
> ballistic and try to revalidate by kino’ing me:
> 1. Turn around, I want to see if you’d make a good ass model too. [grab]
> It’s ok [pause] not too bad [pause, unsure, voice trails off] maybe :).

Pay me when you use the Ass Model thing. I want a royalty. (Ok, so I
didn't invent it... but by god I've successfully stolen it. It's MINE,

> 2. HB: I’m X yrs. old.
> - Really? [pull hair back from face, stare] You’re ok [pause] not too bad
> your age [stare, unsure, voice trails off] maybe :).
> I get this usual response and repeat the descending false compliment:
> Haha! What! What do you mean just ok? *shoves me*
> - Well, not too bad…I guess…
> What! Not too bad? *punch*
> - I dunno…Maybe?
> Asshole! Haha! *heavier kino, pushing away*
> I reciprocate the heavier kino by grabbing and pulling her back to me and all
> is revalidated, rollercoaster-style.

It this 1000...0001 theory? lol, make sure you qualify her before you
lose her! This is a very fragile thing you're doing. You have to be
QUICK to calibrate her and see how much C&F she can stand. I bet you got
blown out a LOT when you first started this, if you don't even now!

This seems to work best with HSE chicks, and you might actually scare
off LSE chicks pretty badly. They just can't handle the pressure... but
this is nothing new, we knew this from Neg theory.

> So C&F is the adult equivalent of playfight-communicating. Like in grade
> school when you saw a cute girl, you ran up and pulled her hair, bopped her
> head, made faces, called her names, farted on her, swiped her crayons,

Yep! That's also why making her "cute" rather than "sexy" works so well
for me. It's all so juvenile... sort of like instinctual flirting. It
works best for the younger girls, though. It can be hard to make a
mature woman get this playful. I often wonder what the average age-group
PUAs in here sarge is. I get the impression it's 18-25 year olds,
because they seem the most receptive to all this C&F, 101, AD, flirting

> her ass. (Holy shit, I still do all this stuff today. I should be locked
> LOL!) Even in her not yet fully developed female mind, she could understand
> the subtext of your communication and would chase, punch, and wrestle you,
> because she thought you were a jerk, but because she thought you were FUN.
> Like 2 animals playfighting on the Discovery Channel before they start
> Essennem

The hardest part of this, for me, is getting her sexual from these
"innocent" games. You can't just break state and try to kiss her, it's
not congruent... You gotta figure out a playful way.

I think the tickling kiss test that may be in TFM is great here... if
you can tickle her so hard she falls on the floor AND pulls you after
her, you're IN for the kiss.


Sorry if I'm hijacking your thread, lol! ;-) But...

When I'm doing this high-energy C&F stuff, I try to move it into a
roleplaying scenario as quickly as possible. Roleplaying is a natural
extension of a C&F frame, and I've found that it is a great way to
bridge to Rapport from C&F-generated Attraction. Like:

"Ok, let me see your ass. I have to see if you're ass model material.
Ok. [grab]. You're not that bad. I tell you what, go work that ass out a
little... get it REALLY firm like mine... and we can be an ass-modeling
SUPER COUPLE! We'll be like those two off of Newlyweds... you know who
I'm talking about, you're an MTV whore. Don't deny it! You are SO a
little MTV whore! I bet you watch TRL like it was the the cartoon
version of the Bible!" etc...

Maybe you should try something like that, for a change. It's always good
to try something new.

*general note:*
If you can't come up with at least 10 examples of this sort of thing,
you're not doing C&F and roleplaying right. You have to *internalize
it*, not just copy the examples you see here.


If it doesn't work - analyze it
If is does work - refine it
There is no truth without testing


Quote of the week:

"You are a Wolf! Kill the sheep or drive them off. It is humiliating
living in peace with them."

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