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Outing Report: Models party

mASF post by Jimbo

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Outing Report: Models party
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mASF post by "Jimbo"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, October 10, 2003

Last week a friend got a few invitations to a party with a few models from the
international fashion event "Pasarela Cibeles" in Madrid and a lot of local
models and "wannabes".

First important thing to say is that in parties like this where people invited
belongs to a somehow restricted circle (fashion industry in this case), chicks
are more open to be approached. So approaching and saying any shit was enough
to begin a conversation with sets.

In fact bitch shields were like "token shields", not real, so applying negs had
a bad effect. For instance, just after opening a two set:

HB_NoBra(9): "So... are you having fun? (very bitchy)".
ME: "Hmmm... beautiful dress... it's from a last year line right?... nice

It was devastating. Later during the night her friend (HB8) asked me why did i
say something that rude. She told me HB_NoBra went home early due the impact my
words had on her. Ooops!. :-P

The point here is: she used a bitchy tone of voice just because it's almost a
second nature in some chicks. They do it all of the time when in clubs, even
when they don't want to have any shield like was the case this time. So next
time in a private party like this one i'll try to re-frame bitch shields as
"token traits". Some chicks are just brain-programmed that way in clubs i

Another important thing is that chicks aren't there just for fun. They are
looking for something: contacting people in the industry, gold digging, getting
new contracts, keeping warm an already professional relationship, or displaying
themselves in front of journalists. The exception were some groups of friends
who knew one each other for long, journalist themselves, and superficial
brainless babes looking for rich dudes and drugs.

As i'm not into the drugs shit, i finally hanged with a friend who introduced
me to a few models, and told me some of the "secrets" for banging them:
basically buying them things, sucking asses and providing goodies. HA!.

The dynamic in the groups was also very fast. It was easy to open an
participate in a given set, yeap, but groups were split or dissolved very fast,
making vary difficult to stay with a fixed chick or group of chicks more than a
few minutes. Almost like if most of people were playing "short set method" with
the exception of those groups who somehow managed to keep "politely" closed to

The presence of communication media probably had some influence in the way
models and chicks in general were acting, as i guess they could feel under

Well, the true is that in the present moment i haven't a clue about how to bang
one of this hotties. I mean, without a follow through. Of course getting into
their social circle, or just getting contacts could pay back sooner or later,
but i usually don't have the time for that.

Similar experiences anyone?

Better yet... Does anyone know how to improve chances for ONS in these kind of

Is there a "models PU crack"?. BTW, I'm not asking here about regular C&P,
push&pull, neg theory, attraction, etc normal club game, but "specifics" for
"cracking" models in these kind of "theme parties". Jay!, i know you are
reading this!!!. Post something about it bro!. ;-)

Of course i have to improve my normal club game enormously anyway, but i have
the feeling even top club PUAs had had problems in getting a fclose.

Best regards.


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