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Another new opener. ;-)

mASF post by H4rM1355

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Another new opener. ;-)
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mASF post by "H4rM1355"
posted on: mASF forum: Tactics / Techniques Discussion, September 9, 2003

This one is based in part on neg theory, and has a very good success rate
opening SHBs especially (who are very image conscious):

"Hey, I thought you should know... (pause as you move in closer to whisper into
her ear, and make sure you use good sensual tonality and body language)
everyone can see your thong/panties. You might want to fix that" Big smirk.

It doesn't even matter if this is true of not! Just stick with your frame and
draw her into it with charisma and confidence.

She'll get up to fix her pants, you can keep busting on her and negging her,
stare at her ass while she tries to hitch up her jeans, tell her she didn't do
it right, "Here, no, I'll help." Tell her you'll buy her a belt. compliment her
on her pretty thong, be C&f, etc.

You can do this with anything (preferably something *sexy*) that's out of place
like her bra strap, whatever you want, but IME the thong works best.


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