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Field Report: random opener and “i have a boyfriend”

mASF post by live wire

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Field Report: random opener and “i have a boyfriend”
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mASF post by "live wire"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

Saturday night at kings cross... ahhh... there isnt anything like it. The
desperate strip club promoters conning AFC's flanked by the prostitutes who
look like they would rather be cleaning a house somewhere. Of course, theres
the hotties, kings cross on a saturday night is FULL of 7s, 8s and 9s.

Last night was my first saturday night at kings cross, I am standing outside
the peppermint lounge, about to leave because its Dr Owl's last night in sydney
and he wanted to go elsewhere. About to leave, until I saw HBsuperfly rollin in
with 3 other hotties. Suddenly, I had a bad bout of situational one-itis, I HAD
to go back in the lounge and talk to this BOMB chick!

I roll back inside the club with my wing, actor, and soon after, see HBsuperfly
with her friends on the dancefloor. I thought to myself, dude, you have been
gaming for five months, now it is time to see how far you have come. So I roll
up to superfly and her 3 friends... and I open her and the girl next to her

lw: hey guys... I want your opinion on ths new pick up line... I go up to a
girl and do this (I direct the spiked up hair on the back of my head into the
face of the girl next to HBsuperfly)
HBsuperfly: OMG, if someone did that to me I would BLAH BLAH BLAH... (she
playfully hits my shoulder, and I can feel its ON)

this opener came about because earlier on in the night, I had accidently
stabbed some guy's eye with my spiked hair.

From then, I went into best friends test... and busted on them because they
didnt get the answers right. Turns out they are sisters. I bust on HBsuperfly
for being the bad one. I engage HBsuperfly by myself now as actor has come in
to chat her friends. Doing more stuff for attraction like playing thumb wars.
Soon after, I start running push pull qualifying...

lw: you are cute... but good looks are common, what else do you have going for
you, say can you cook?
HBsuperfly: yeah, yeah, of course i can cook!
lw: awesome! you would make a nice new girlfriend...


This whole time, we had been moving in closer to each other... places with loud
music are great for this. But, just as I thought her attraction was spiking,
she says "i have a boyfriend"

lw: thats cool, when we wake up tomorrow morning, he can make us a nice big
glass of orange juice. (dunno who came up with that line, but thanks!)
HBsuperfly: OMG! I cant believe you said that! (laughing)

Now, I tried to escalate infront of her friends, but didnt go down well. I was
holding her hand, kinoing her back, etc, but just didnt go in for the kiss
because I needed to have her alone. Felt weird to go for the make out in front
of friends.

She was attracted, but I had to go, and so I tried one last time for a kiss..

lw: (points to cheek)
HBsuperfly: (kisses it, but pulls me in for a hug...)

I'm like damn! Ok, so i go for the number...

lw: it was great to have this fun chat with u, lets meet up some time... here
put in your number (giving her my phone).
Hbsuperfly: but I have a boyfriend... (turns to sister) should i give my number
to him?
sister: no, your boy will be pissed (or whatever)
HBsuperfly: yeah my boy goes through my phone... blah blah blah... if we were
meant to be, we will see each other again
lw: yeah, we will see

Then I rolled out of the lounge and left with Dr Owl and a few other guys. My
wing in this set, actor, reckons that ALL the hotties around the lounge were
looking at us , intrigued by what we were doing. We should have stayed
around... mad social proof.

Anyway, feel free to comment on other ways of dealing with the boyfriend here,
escalating, isolating...

A teenage PUA-to-be let loose, gaming on the streets and in the bars of Sydney?
You UGs better get out of my way, and you hotties better watch out!

live wire

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