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Field Report: random opener and “i have a boyfriend”

mASF post by Commander Zap

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Field Report: random opener and “i have a boyfriend”
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mASF post by "Commander Zap"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

On 8/7/05 12:31:00 AM, live wire wrote:
Suddenly, I had
>a bad bout of situational
>one-itis, I HAD to go back in
>the lounge and talk to this
>BOMB chick!

Good for you. Like diving in a pool, you determine to simply do it.

>lw: hey guys... I want your
>opinion on ths new pick up

I like this because "I want your opinion about *something*" just hangs in the
air, no punch line. Here you give a punch line and it's boy-girl talk, which
they generally love.

I go up to a girl and
>do this (I direct the spiked
>up hair on the back of my head
>into the face of the girl next
>to HBsuperfly)

Yes, you did not pursue instantly the target. Excellent.

>HBsuperfly: OMG, if someone
>did that to me I would BLAH
>BLAH BLAH... (she playfully
>hits my shoulder, and I can
>feel its ON)

It's on when they touch you. Chicks don't touch us unless they are very
interested, even if they don't necessarily know it consciously. So, paydirt.

I bust on
>HBsuperfly for being the bad

Great. Do you give courses in this shit or something?

I engage HBsuperfly by
>myself now as actor has come
>in to chat her friends. Doing
>more stuff for attraction like
>playing thumb wars. Soon
>after, I start running push
>pull qualifying...
>lw: you are cute... but good
>looks are common, what else do
>you have going for you, say
>can you cook?
>HBsuperfly: yeah, yeah, of
>course i can cook!
>lw: awesome! you would make a
>nice new girlfriend...

After a line like that last one, you normally need to push, right? "But you're
a redhead, redheads are so distant and all!"

>This whole time, we had been
>moving in closer to each
>other... places with loud
>music are great for this. But,
>just as I thought her
>attraction was spiking, she
>says "i have a boyfriend"
>lw: thats cool, when we wake
>up tomorrow morning, he can
>make us a nice big glass of
>orange juice. (dunno who came
>up with that line, but

A couple of times now, you've been on the verge on expressing too much interest
and the whole thing could crash...

>HBsuperfly: OMG! I cant
>believe you said that!
>Now, I tried to escalate
>infront of her friends,

Sounds bad.

> but
>didnt go down well.

Right, I wouldn't expect otherwise. Needed probably to number close her, out
of range of those vexatious CBs.

I was
>holding her hand, kinoing her
>back, etc, but just didnt go
>in for the kiss because I
>needed to have her alone.

The CBs were probably whisperingly giving her shit by this time: "What about

>Feltweird to go for the make out
>in front of friends.

You don't need a make out here, you needed to discretely get her phone number.

>She was attracted, but I had
>to go, and so I tried one last
>time for a kiss..

Again, why, old chum?

>lw: (points to cheek)
>HBsuperfly: (kisses it, but
>pulls me in for a hug...)

She wanted it and you needed to lead her to how to get it.

>I'm like damn! Ok, so i go for
>the number...
>lw: it was great to have this
>fun chat with u, lets meet up
>some time... here put in your
>number (giving her my phone).
>Hbsuperfly: but I have a
>boyfriend... (turns to sister)

Yeah, turns to sister alright: "Oh CB, will you CB?"
Look, you did great. You've got to be more artful and conniving about closing
the deal. Like a damn snake, that's what they're looking for. Low treachery: a
guy who knows what he wants and how to get it. If you can get her phone number
with her cunt CB-ing sister blowing her nasty bad breath in your face, you
achieve things against tall odds. What a cool guy for her to be with! Not
that she'd cheat on her BF or anything, maybe just fuck you from time to time
is all.

My wing
>in this set, actor, reckons
>that ALL the hotties around
>the lounge were looking at us
>, intrigued by what we were

They did and they were. Good for you. They were also wondering, why didn't he
hit on us, alas. Maybe next time, big man.

We should have stayed
>around... mad social proof.

You did great. Just needed the surreptitious close, reflect on that for next
time. Consider the joys of being a dirty little sneak, and take it to the next



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