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how to deal with “i need sometime to think”

mASF post by gangzta

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how to deal with “i need sometime to think”
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mASF post by "gangzta"
posted on: alt.seduction.relationships, July 7, 2005

Doode, everything that was said here is right on the spot. You got annoyed with
her bullshit and you dumped her. That pissed her off, and to feel better about
herself, by having her "EX realizing his big mistake", she started laying guilt
and anger manipulations on you.

Her manipulations worked. You felt like shit about "dumping her at the worst
time", and you asked for her back.

So, just like it was said above, right after you dumped her, you had the power
(you had something she wanted). And it took her just a few sentences and a
carefully crafted "ditch" at the beach to get it all back (now, she's got what
you want).

Right now, you want that power back...

Her power lays in the fact that you're "waiting for her to think". The more you
actually wait, the more BS she can pull like "i'm still not sure about us
getting back together...", "i feel confused and unsure about the way things
should go between us...", "i need some space to think about what i want to do
with my life". And guess what? The more BS you actually believe, the less
respect she will have for you.

Do you _seriously_, I mean really seriously, believe that she really needs time
to "think"? Chicks don't think. They will go with whatever feels best at the
moment. And right now, making you wait, suffer and loathe how horrible of a
sub-human being you are for daring to dump the all-mighty ms. innocent-victim
princess feels damn gooooode to her. Doode, don't fall for this self-enhancing,
attention-seeking, horseshit stained, and supposedly righteous nonsence.

Ok, so what can you do? First of all, you have to take away her biggest gun --
you waiting for her. You're waiting for her because you changed your mind. So,
if you indicate that you have no reason to wait, then you will stop waiting

And the only way to remove that reason is to make yourself independent of her
AKA get over her. This getting over has two components, and if you forget one,
the whole thing fails. So these must be done simultaneously.

1. Military silence.
2. Other chick(s).

1. Cut off ALL contact with her. Don't call her, don't email/txt/aim/etc,
ignore her phonecalls, do not check her voicemail messages, erase her
txts/emails, avoid places where you're likely to meet her, and cut off any
other form of contact with her. WHY? Right now you are thinking about her, and
the more you think about her the more you want her back. SHE KNOWS THIS. So,
that little txt msg "how was the job interview?" was an attempt to get you to
think about her. ERASE THEM. Here is the best part about military silence that
i've learned. It gives NO information and leads to assumptions on her part. SHE
starts to think and worry about you, maybe something happened to him, maybe he
met another chick, maybe he really doesn't want me anymore, maybe maybe, etc...

Nearly every chick i've been with responds to this military silence in the same
predictable way. At first, you get little contact from them, then she sends a
few "confimation (that you still think about her)" messages/contacts. Then
she'll send another few to make sure you received them. This is where the fun
starts, the number of attempts to contact you EXPLODES. 10 missed calls, 4
voice messages, emails, aims, txts, etc... This is when she is paninicking
about loosing power and is desperatelly trying to get the control back.
Eventually the attempts decline, and she accepts the idea that you're not going
to respond.

Surviving this whole process can be absolutelly grueling. I know it is usually
for me. It's really a test of your self control. Survive it, and you'll come
out a better person, fail it -- and you'll be MUCH worse than before you
started. Therefore, I usually enlist the help of my friends, I call up one of
my buddies and I just ask him to watch a movie with me, play bball, shoot pool,
play cstrike -- whatever to get my mind away from her. I leave my cell at home,
kill the computer, and not check my personal email. When I get back home, I
immediatelly trash any email, delete any voicemails, etc... WHY? Well, they are
all most likely just manipulation attempts, shit tests, etc... so why should I
waste my time and energy dealing with more bullshit?

OOoh, and watch out for mutual friends... She will most likely use them as
proxies to relay all the info to her. I sometimes use them to spread
dis-information. Tell them the opposite of what i intend to do, and she will
most likely receive it. >)

Another thing that reallly helps is getting rid of anything that reminds you of
her. Pictures, letters, gifts, etc... Seal all of those in a box and put them
in your basement, under your bed, corner of your closet... Zip any digi
pictures or emails you have from her.

2. Other chicks. THis is standard: read the player guide. Go out as often as
you can. Find local ASF friends. Sarge other chicks. Take them home and fuck
them. Then feel proud of yourself for being able to do it. =D

You can resume contact when you have completelly eliminated any AFC/one-itis
related thoughts about her AND you're seeing/having hot steamy sex with other

One last thing. She probably has a list of why she doesnt want to get back with
you. All the "wrong" things you have done. As far as i know, every chick has
one. I asked one chick recently about her reasons why she broke up with her bf
after we had sex. She got up and showed a fucking 4 page list on her computer.
That shit had like every single fight/argument, "wrong phrase" he has ever
told. I was quite shocked. It really solidified her decision to dump her 4 year
afc bf. So, she has a list. Got yours? This will help you make your decisions
less "manipulation prone".

so, gluck recovering from your one-itis, survive her bullshit, go out to the
bars and see all the fun and exciement you've been missing for the last 8


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