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He‘s just not that into me? ha!

mASF post by werewolf037

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He‘s just not that into me? ha!
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mASF post by "werewolf037"
posted on: mASF forum: Playettes Discussion, July 7, 2005

Even though i´m new to this forum, I´m gonna start to be an active poster... so
here it goes:

People, i think you are losing FOCUS here. The issue that kittywoman exposed is
that she has a fb and she likes him to some degree(for his cock, personality,
or maybe she´s secretly falling in love with him maybe) The truth is WE´LL
never know because we are not inside HER mind, we are just interpreting).

So everyone here expressed their opinions and thoughts about what she should
do, based on their experience and way of viewing world, which may be accurate
or not, but i think you are missing the OBJECTIVE.

Kittygirl, i believe that getting your priorities straight in the first place,
because its one of the better ways to gain natural congruence between thoughts
and actions.

After doing that, and when u KNOW without doubt what u want with this kid(and
how this fits in the greater scheme of your life), u can proceed to get it.

So, on to the first step: "How the fuck do i know what I want with this fb."

I´m gonna spare you from my interpretation about what´s going with you, and
will proceed to tell you one technique to find out.

1) Go to a quiet room, alone, dim a little the lights. Sit on the floor(or on a
couch), and start talking honestly to yourself(u can do it either out loud, or
if u are too shy to verbalize it, do it in your mind).
2) Be honest, meaning don´t try to manipulate the meaning on your behalf. Just
discover how you think and feel on the inside. It can´t hurt u, you are just
better knowing the way you are now in order to better change it or deal with
it. No need to be scared from yourself.
3) Imagine the different aspects of your personality coming out of you and
talking honestly to you. They are sitting in front of you, in different spaces,
as if you were having a conference. For example(and I´m NOT saying that the
parts of YOUR personality should be like this): Imagine that part that wants
to just play with men, and wants to have fun while doing it, coming out of your
body and sitting ahead of you, on your left, and the part that wants to engage
in an ltr coming out of your body, and sitting ahead of u on the right.
NOTE: The space in which each part "sits" down, is chosen by you. Try to
visualize the aspect of each part.
4) Ask em, one by one what they REALLY want to do for kittywoman. What are they
protecting kittywoman from? What kind of satisfaction do they want to bring to
NOTE: Speak in third person in this part. Dissociation IS important and
language helps to do it. Also, don´t interpret from yourself(remember, you are
sitting in front of your parts, but they should do the talking expressing what
they want, not you)
5) Ask em, one by one, what they need from the other parts, in order to
cooperate and work better together. Ask em, one by one, what other good
resources could they give to each other and to kittywoman.
6) If there is a part that is not sure that wants to cooperate, ask it what is
the objection about. What is it protecting kittywoman from? What does it need?
What ELSE does it need from kittywoman or the other parts in order to
7) Repeat steps 4 through 6 until all parts achieve a moderate understanding
and are willing to cooperate.
8) Now imagine all the parts standing up and slowli getting closer to each
other and shaking hands, or hugging, or whatever is your idea of expressing
understanding and respect for each other.
9) Now, slowly, see those parts walking together towards kittywoman and getting
inside her, ready to work well together, happy, integrated.

Depending on the complexity of your personality, this technique can take up 5
mins or several hours of your life, but its worth it because it tends to give
you an idea of the contents of your brain(or soul, or whatever), and if done
right, it also gives you a(or several) congruent objective(s) after it is done.

So, now that you want what you REALLY want, and how this fits in the greater
scheme of your life... take a look at these options, maybe including them as
good ideas, but not limiting yourself to them(heck, you can always come up with
better alternatives than the ones exposed here):

- If you know that you are not really attached to this man, but want to
know how to "manipulate" him into continuing the fb relationship, no strings
attached as a pure learning experience on how to manipulate minds and having
fun and great sex while at it, it is valid, but a word of warning in line to
the opinions expressed on the PLAYER GUIDE: This tends to develop ONE-ITIS.
- If You want to learn how to manipulate men and keeping fb relationships
well lubricated WITHOUT developing ONE-ITIS: Go fuck 20 other men.
- If You feel like you´ve become somehow emotionally attached to him. Well
girl, if you secretly have a desire for a LTR, then ask yourself 4 questions:
1) Am I READY for an LTR? 2) Is HE ready for an LTR? 3) What kind of perks and
good thinks do I want in an LTR? 4) What do i base my idea of a good LTR in?...
And then TAKE ACTION. IF you believe that he is not right for an LTR, or the
time is not right, u might wanna pass on it and not engage into one, but also
become aware that u ARE indeed searching for an LTR and when u find a good
prospect, chances are that the need to develop the fb relationship into an LTR
one will arise.
- If you just dont care about LTRS and dont have an emottional attachment
to him, but what was really hurt was your EGO because he wasnt at your feet all
the time. Became aware that you are indeed falling into an AFC trap like some
men(the type you DON´T respect) do. So have a little respect for yourself and
just let the PUA in you spread your wings and fly.

Well, after you try all these, take two sweets at night with a glass of water
and call me in the morning.(Or better yet, post your results in the forum).

"Why should you follow someone else´s idea of how ideal person SHOULD BE?
Follow YOUR ideal of what you want to be. How do you know it´s YOUR ideal you
are following? BECAUSE YOU LOVE IT!"

Unless otherwise noted, this article is Copyright©2005 by "werewolf037" with implicit permission provided to for reproduction. Any other use is prohibited without the explicit permission of the original author.


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