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A crossroads in my relationship.

mASF post by PorkPieHat

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A crossroads in my relationship.
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mASF post by "PorkPieHat"
posted on: alt.seduction.relationships, July 7, 2005

I have a big decision ahead of me in my relationship with this girl and I'm
just brainstorming.. I'd love to hear any good input on this.

Here goes:

I've known this girl for like a year, at first really casually. It's been
sexual for about 6 months, and currently I'm keeping no other fuckbuddies etc.

I've done a pretty good job of making myself the prize. I try my best to social
proof myself, have a lot of hobbies on the side, and just try to appear totally
non-needy. I C+F a lot, she's very playful too and loves it. I also tell about
my other daily events to her in "rich descriptions" (Thanks Franco!) and she
loves it.

For now, it's all been working perfect. She calls me a lot, asks for meet-ups,
and if I'm feeling like it, I take the charge,we meet and again, if I feel like
it, we fuck. Tells me how much she loves me and all that. Spoils me with gifts
etc. It's currently to the point where we see mostly every day, although I take
breaks every now and then to build tension.

We don't live in the same apartment, but we sleep together a lot.

Now I do flirt with other girls, and even make-out in the bars (and she might
too, don't know and don't care at this point), but like I said, currently I'm
not fucking anybody else.

Sexually, can't complain. She has a high sex drive and we fuck pretty much
every time we meet, if I feel like it. I love fucking her with authority, and
give her great orgasms.

Now here's the deal:

We both applied for universities this summer, and here in Finland you usually
have to take a test for that. I applied for just one in Helsinki, and she
applied to a couple of different ones. Some were in Helsinki, others in other
bigger Finnish cities. I didn't think about it much at that time.

But since then we've grown closer, and I like this chick. Maybe even a bit of
one-itis, but much, much more lighter than with earlier "crushes", when I was a
total chump.

So now she's gotten her test results, and will 99% be heading to Tampere,
another big (in our scale) city in Finland. I haven't received mine yet, but I
have a strong gut feeling I won't make it. However I've already decided that
whatever happens, I'm gonna move out from this town I live in now next fall.

Now when my test results arrive, I KNOW she'll ask (probably beg) for me to
come to Tampere too, as I really don't have any obligations to go anywhere.

Now I really don't care which city it'll be. Tampere is a cool place too, a lot
bigger than the city I live in now, and I KNOW I'd have a great time there too.
But I have already VERBALIZED to her: "whatever happens, I'm probably going to
Helsinki". So you all know that if I were to move to Tampere to her, I'd sort
of be following her around.. not a thing a powerful guy would do.

Another thing I've already decided is that whether I get in to the school or
not, I'm going to have a fantastic fucking year, anyway. If I'll move to
Helsinki (and she goes to Tampere), I'll continue sarge and fuck other chicks,
and fuck her when we see if possible. Because I know she'd be fucking other
guys there too (People love to go to bars and get drunk in Finland, one-night
stands are very common, so a long-distance LTR would just be a joke, for both
of us. We both love sex.)

But on the other hand, I feel like pursuing a LTR too. I've never really been
in one, and would like to try, it's been a lot of fun to this point. She
supports me, makes me feel like the man, and pleases me like a geisha.

But can I REALLY follow her around and remain the prize? HONESTLY, I wouldn't
mind going to Tampere. It's a great place too, but it just seems like a chumpy
thing to do. I really need some expert take on this.

I also know that if I'm gonna do it at all, I MUST be the one to initiate it,
tell her I've been thinking of moving to Tampere too, BEFORE she initiates,
asking me to do it. So I have to be fast.

Any kind of feedback is welcome. Fuck, just burn me for this blossoming
one-itis if you feel like it.

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