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getting back with my ex

mASF post by doctorkellogs

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getting back with my ex
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mASF post by "doctorkellogs"
posted on: alt.seduction.relationships, July 7, 2005

I guess part of me recognizes this as being a one-itis, but I still needed to
get some feedback on it..

I have done something in the past based on the things I've read in this forum
to keep my relationship alive and it has worked beautifully, so this might
explain why I came here for another magic pill answer.

The LTR lasted for two years. we eventually broke up. no cheating involved.

I find like my best shot is with this one... and I've come to believe she
posesses the qualities I want in a mate.

But how can I know for sure... I don't know. I might not have experienced
enough to know for sure if this is really what I want. But from what I have
experienced up to now, getting back with her is what I think and feel to be the
right thing to do.

I've had really bad experiences in the past where I've gone commando wussy mode
(with another girl) without it going anywhere. Summed up, I just went around
chasing her and supplicating heavily, and expecting good results... Which is
why I don't do that anymore.

I don't like to rate girls, because I think she's good enough for me, but would
be a 7 according to most guys I believe. She's very reserved and shy and has
good values at her age (20).

She was a virgin before she met me and introduced her to many things, exploring
her sexuality being one.. coming from a more reserved kind of environment where
her religion(taoism) is VERY much apart of her life.. (prays every night, does
benevolence work at temple, and is 100% vegetarian since childhood)

In my mind, I've found a rare gem. And I'm filling in the detais as much as I
can so you can understand where I'm coming from.

If I had one specific question to ask I guess it would be this:

How do I get back with her?

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