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how you treat a girl who doesnt call

mASF post by kr0d

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how you treat a girl who doesnt call
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mASF post by "kr0d"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

On 7/16/05 10:45:00 PM, AleHydro wrote:
>Hey guys I got a question
>about a specific situation.
>If a girl youve been workin on
>for a while says shes gonna
>call you tonight and doesn't.
>How should you deal with this
>when you talk to her next.
>The reason I ask is because
>when I try to figure this on
>my own, I feel like both
>options are lose-lose
>If you treat it as no big
>deal, then she will get the
>idea that she can walk all
>over you and you will tolerate
>her bullshit. Which is
>definitely a bad situation.
>Option 2, you tell her that
>when she says shes gonna call
>that she better call. Here
>you show her that you won't
>tolerate her bullshit but at
>the same time it also comes
>off as you care too much
>whether she calls or doesnt.

If you are truly a guy that
all women love, why would you
worry so much about her

**If you really are, then you have nothing to worry about.

>So tell me how you guys
>usually deal with this

Act as if it hasn't faded you at all, don't even bring it up the next time you
see her. See how she reacts around you, if she's act flaky being around you or
so. Next Her

You're probably developing one-itis
or you might already have it

You'll know the next time you see her if she's apologizing or by the way she's

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