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Lay Report: Book Store (long)

mASF post by Precision

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Lay Report: Book Store (long)
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mASF post by "Precision"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

I decided to take it easy last night because my game has been way off kilter.
I actually sarged a girl at a bar the other night and said, “Oh . . . I forgot
what I was going to say . . .” before asking some lame-ass question. I’ve had
one-itis for 3 girls this week, each of them has a boyfriend. Women of quality
always have boyfriends, they always choose. I’m sick of being a guy with no
choice. I was actually a little depressed last night and expected to have ZERO
gaming potential.

I first went to a happy hour event that was put on by my university. It was a
great place to meet with people, chat up professors, and, while I didn’t
realize it at the time, warm up for later. I see a girl with a guy. She’s
been glancing over at me for the past hour, and I take this to be an indication
of interest. She’s an 8.5. I start by talking about her boyfriend’s shirt. I
talk directly to him, and sometimes I’ll ask her a question for follow up or
get her input. While I am looking at her boyfriend, she is staring at me.
We’re all 3 sitting on a bench, and I am actively leaning over (just a little)
so that I can talk to the BF and show him I’m trying to gain rapport. I go
into some funny stories that have to deal where he’s from. The staring girl
asks me for my name (her eyes haven’t left my face the entire time). We lock
eyes (and it’s kind of freaky because her boyfriends right there). I can tell
the girl’s attracted to me. I’m at a loss of what to do at this point (because
her boyfriends right there, and I really can’t ask for her number). Anyway, I
eject because my pool game is about to start.

I talk to a ton of people at the place, then I head home. Last night was the
release of the new Harry Potter, and I’m going to the book store with my
nephews. An ex-girlfriend of mine calls me and tells me she’s going. She
wants to know if I’m going. I tell her yes. We hang up. This girl is
supremely attracted to me, but she doesn’t want me if I’m fucking other people
(which is fine, I’ll respect what she wants). I do the only thing I know which
will immediately make an impression: I peacock. Tight shirt, tight pants,
shiny shoes, spiky hair, I’m about a 9.5 when I’m rocked out (at least that’s
how I perceive myself at the moment). I actually plan to go out to a bar after
the book release. I also want to see if there are any slightly nerdy chicks at
this thing (a weakness of mine).

As life would have it, I fall into some money situations that I retell later to
get my targets laughing their asses off. I first walk into the store, and I go
to the back and find my mom with my two nephews. There are three girls
(probably underage, in high school, but worth the practice) that are decorating
picture frames. They notice me, so I go up to them and start decorating a
frame. I say that it’s cute of them to be working here tonight. They’re not
working here because at this point one playfully hits me and says “Thanks for
thinking we’re not total nerds.” I laugh and tell them I want to show them the
cutest thing in the world. I tell them that my youngest nephew (who just got
his picture taken) likes to talk in the third person, then I call him over and
I say to him, “Bammie, are you a girl or a guy?” On cue, the cutest little guy
(4 years old) in the world goes, “I not a boy or a girl, I da Bam.” Puppy dog
eyes, instantly.

My older nephew (6 years old) is up for a picture now, and so I watch on as
they take the photo. He grabs the Polaroid, and my mom shows him the picture
of the youngest nephew. He looks at the developed Polaroid, and then his
(which is just pink blur), and asks, “What’s wrong with me?” Not missing a
beat, I kneel down and say to him, “Oh, I’m sorry buddy, but that’s what your
face looks like.” He’s used to me screwing with his head, so he just looks at
me in a kind of disbelief—but people near me hear what I say and bust out
laughing. My mom hits me and shakes her head. I tell this story a little
later and get some laughs too.

A friend from school called earlier and wanted to come over to the store and
hang out. I say that’s fine, we’ll get some coffee and chat. I go back into
the store, see my friend in the coffee line. I chat her up in the line, and I
can tell that everyone is looking at me, but especially this 7 behind us. I
turn around and tell her not to worry, I’m not getting anything to eat. She
says that she’d be happy to let me break in line if I wanted to. I tell the
above two stories, I have my friend rolling on the ground (the 7 is listening
too). Finally she just busts out all of a sudden, “OMG I have to introduce
myself, I’m HB-Hipster.” I say “Heya, I’m PUA-Precision.” Her reply:
“Consider yourself hit on.” We chat in line a while (I steal my friend’s book
and start reading aloud from it in line really romantically/sarcastically).
Later HB-Hipster says that she listened very carefully to my reading (it turned
her on?). I tell her we’ll catch up later.

My nephew (14 years old) has seen all of this unfold, and I appear as God to
him. Objectively, I can say that I am a great role-model. He will never have
a fear of girls like I have, and I am making sure that he actualizes his
potential. I chat with my friend from college for a while, and HB-Hipster sits
kind of diagonal from us (no coincidence as the store is huge). We get into a
heated conversation, and I notice Hipster looking at us. I tell her that she
can join in the conversation, and she obliges. We start talking/rolling on the
floor laughing about my 14 year-old nephew (who at this point is trying to hit
on my ex-girlfriend—this is fucking hilarious, I love this kid). Ex-GF walks
up to us, greets, says we’ll meet later. I tell my crew (consisting of
Hipster, friend, and nephew) that we’re going to the canteen for drinks. We go
over to the coffee part of the shop, and sit down. More idle chat about
school, blah blah. My ex-gf walks over with her roommate. Her ROOMMATE sits
in my lap, and I rub her back a little bit. My friend from college is awed.
By day, I appear very mild-mannered to how I appear at this point with girls
all around me. It’s pretty validating when she says, “Holy shit, Precision
just has girls all over him tonight.” My ex-GF acts weird and aloof
(understandably). I decide this is a great point at which to ask Hipster for
her number. I turn to her, and I said, “Man, you seem pretty cool. We should
hang out sometime. Lemme get your number.” Her reply: “We should hang out
tonight,” as she puts her number into my cell. To end this long story,
everyone leaves except for my ex-GF (who is in line to get a book). I decide
to save her some embarrassment and leave before she gets back.

This girl is a 7 in looks but really exotic. She’s fun to be around. She gave
me a Tarot reading (which was a MONEY routine she ran on me, very very cool).
She’s also a masseuse.

Question: This girl knows I’m not into a relationship at all. I told her that
I am not getting into a relationship, that I’m totally just going with the flow
and like meeting new and exciting people. She still seemed to hang on a bit
too much. At one point, she blatantly asked me, “So where do we go from here?”
after I had talked at length about wanting to date a lot of people. Why the
hell do girls do this? Yeah, she may want a relationship with me, but I stood
very firm in this regard. How can I break it to her if she continually tries
to push a relationship. Best to just not answer her calls or what? I don’t
know how to tactfully approach the situation if she brings it up again. She
also asked, “What do you want from me?” Funny thing, I never at one moment
conveyed that I wanted something from her (in truth, I was NOT trying to get
with this chick). My reply? “I don’t want anything from you.” She kind of
had a blank stare for a moment, and then said with serious honesty “Oh, that is
a good answer.”

In fact, the chick just called me right now and gave me her schedule for next
week. I think I’m going to book my massage for Wednesday.

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