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need some advice fast!

mASF post by harvester

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need some advice fast!
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mASF post by "harvester"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

Hi Guys,

especially PlayerSupreme. Please consider that some people don't have the time
to read the board all day.

Posting here takes a lot of time for me because my english is not that good
since it's not my mother language, and I want you to understand what i write.

So you blame me for having a bad character, somehow you're right, somehow not.
I'm going to tell you why I think I've made this mistake I feel ashamed for

I don't call myself a player, I am still rAFC and I think that most of you may
have realized this already. Franco already named it, I am still impressed by
pussy too much.

Two years ago I was at a stage of my life where I had totally withdrawn from
the sarging world, I didn't realize that I was nothing more than a taxi to
women and couldn't understand why. My friends (yes, i still call them friends
because I know that they have their own desires too) got together with girls I
was into and I was the guy who had to listen to the girl's moanings about their
boyfriends (which were also my good friends).

In my environment, it's somehow normal that the "best" guy gets the girl, most
of the time 5 guys have concentrated on one single chick and everybody knew
that just one of them could have her. Of course this led to massive
differences, but no one really cared about it after some time. The next girl
was already there and the "war" started again.

At this time I was the only one who didn't want to take part in this war
because I didn't want to destroy any friendship with my buddies.

Some day, I was really desperate, some friends gave me the advice not to take
care of friendship in such situations anymore. They told me that this was the
big mistake I always make, and that is the reason why I wouldn't get one single
girl while they had fucked 5 or more. It really made sense to me, and this was
also the time when i started reading this board.

I was getting fast results and I definitely got over motivated wich lead me to
my current situation. I thought that my old AFC "me" wouldn't get any girls but
my new "me" does.

Now I realize that I made a big mistake and I can't change it. I know that I
was searching for excuses although I already knew what was the right thing to

I also know that I was kissing my mates Ex to get over a heavy oneitisI
recently had, horniness, unsafety, the seek for validation and alcohol brought
me to where I am now and I feel like a fucking betrayer.

I don't know why but I want you to know that this is a real problematic
situation for me, and I wouldn't have asked for advice if I was such an asshole
who doesn't care about anything. It's just the case that my principles have
never got me to any success with women, that's why I thought it would be time
to throw them away.

I think that almost everyone has been in a situation where he became
overwhelmed by his feelings and made a mistake, it's just human.

I hope you can understand what I want tell you with that post guys, thx alot
for the wise advice, really good points in it. I'll see her again tomorrow and
I am going to tell her that I don't want to continue like this.


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