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Funny fuck ups you‘ve had?

mASF post by Ay

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Funny fuck ups you‘ve had?
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mASF post by "Ay"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

Haha, I got a few too :D

At the club, I get pushed to open this lone wolf. First night in the club,
first time using opinion opener. I had no voice projection and didn't watch my
BL until after we debriefed and I realized it, lol.
So, here's the interaction:

Ay: Hey, I want a female opinion. Me and my friend have been arguing, who do
you think lies more guys or girls?
HB: what?
Ay: repeat
HB: what did you say?
Ay: repeat (lol)
HB: lies?
Ay: yeah, who lies more?
HB: lies??
Ay: who do you think lies more, guys or chicks??
HB: lies???
Ay: wtf, are you deaf? (didn't say that, but thought it)
HB: GUYS!!!!!!1!!1!one! *pissed*

LOL, I then realized that it actually opened and every time I thought she was
asking "lies?" she was actually saying "guys". LOL, I pissed her off by
repeatedly asking the same shit even though she gave me the answer, ahahahaa.
It was funny, but at the time I was like, damn, she's pissed, so I ejected, my
BL was something like "duurr, she's retarded, later".

So I went to my friend who pushed me in, to tell him how it went, and after
some time I see her next to us trying desperately to gain my attention by
chatting with some afc dude (not sure that there was even a dude) and fake
laughing while watching me with a corner of her eye. I was wearing shades, so
she didn't know if I was looking her way or not.

Anyway, I thought that was a funny fuckup that could have went somewhere if I
heard her better, lol.

Another one was a oneitisof mine, a really hot little asian girl, shy and
sweet, I was really into her. Got her number (she offered it), over the course
of one week got her to get together for coffee. So we go in, I pay for my shit,
but don't pay for hers. She gets herself some juice and we sit. This was a shy
girl so she wouldn't initiate convo, so I went into rapport (since I already
had attraction).

I was babbling and asking her questions for 15 minutes, then she leaves for the
restroom. When she comes back, her cell rings. She answers. Then it rings
again, she answers. Then after I resume my babble she's like "sorry, I have to
go pick up my boyfriend from the shipyard". I'm like, ok, boyfriend, doesn't
phase me, so I joke that he doesn't have a car and switch topic. Anyway she
gets up, says thanks (I'm like, thanks for what? I didn't buy you shit) and
leaves after another minute, and I'm like, damn, that sucks. She lost it fast
considering she would call me like every day with some useless shit just to
talk to me.

Later on Friday I sms her to go to a club to hang out with me and some friends,
the sms went something like "hey, wanna go do something fun and unusual
tonight? me and my friends are hitting it at xxx, you're invited". She replies
she has to work. I reply "when do you get off? we're not starting till 11pm".
No reply.

That's how it ended, later I find out from her friend that she's underage, and
that when she went to the restroom she called her other friend to call her back
so she has an excuse to leave. LOL, my first oneitisreally hurt my ego for a
few days :D I must have bored her with rapport (miscalibrated attraction), and
my BL was pretty needy (leaning in the whole time). Damn, I wish I had the game
I have now back then :(

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