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Online dating-observations?

mASF post by hoam

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Online dating-observations?
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mASF post by "hoam"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

Online dating has to be more subtle than in real life. 90%, or at least 80% of
communication isn't verbal, but based on body language. Seen Russell Peters at
work? Now replace him with Michael Jackson and you'd get totally different

The "looks" part suggests if you're a confident person or not. Putting up pics
that make you look "cute" (like if the pic is taken from a vertical angle or
something) is a strict no-no. Therefore, if your pics simply don't look good,
you appear as an unconfident. It's up to you to prove to the girl. I don't do
online dating, but just a bit of online flirting now and then, then quickly ask
the girls out on a date. A golden rule is you cannot fuck a woman just based on
online chat

You're right, a completely different strategy is needed. In real life, you have
your facial expressions to tell the opposite party "hey I was kidding, but I'm
not telling you so I'll leave you guessing what I really meant". You can't do
that online

I noticed that online dating services are mainly made up of 3 groups of people:
male desperados, good-looking single females and the less-presentable females.
Dunno if I'm wrong about this, but anyway, if you happen to chance upon a hb,
do yourself a favour and date her out immediately after the 2nd/3rd

I noticed that stuff like "haha" and "lol" usually just means "a comment that I
shall put because I'm at a loss for words". However, "HHAHAHAH" or
"hahahahahha" or "LOL" can suggest that you're on the right track

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