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Urgent, please help

mASF post by PlayerSupreme

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Urgent, please help
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mASF post by "PlayerSupreme"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005

On 6/14/05 4:10:00 PM, cleo wrote:
>This is actually my first post
>and I seriously need help
>here. I've met this woman
>online and we're "dating" for
>7 months now but haven't have
>the chance to meet each other
>because she lives far away
>with her kids.

1. in the words of rap artist lil jon...WWWWAAAAAATTTT!!!


YOUR GIVING ONLINE DATING A BAD LOOK. I ALWAYS used to believe it was wierd
creepy guys who resorted to this, until I started doing it.

And you suplicated to this woman for all this fuggin time???

We made plans
>to meet in December but
>meanwhile I've found someone
>else and we're kinda in a LTR.
>Now I told that woman (the
>online one) that she wants to
>control me, she can't and I
>can do what I want, I have
>found someone else and I can't
>continue being with her
>especially as she doesn't want
>me to see other people, that
>she's crazy if she thinksI'm
>just going to wait for her
>like that.

Ok, obviously your a punk assed bitch. You are whining like one, talking about
she wants to control you. WTF is this??? Your the man here playa. Stand up
and be a man!

Let no woman hold your nuts in a vice slick! This is the kinda post that I'd
expect to read over at Sosuave not here at Fastseduction???

>Anyway, she left like 5
>messages on my answering
>machine crying, telling me she
>loves me and stuff; like 15
>messages in my e-mail. I told
>her to go see a psychiatrist
>or do something to get over
>Now I just get back from work
>and guess who left a message?
>Yea, she says SHE BOUGHT THE
>WEDNESDAY (next week)!!!!!!

DAAAAYYYUUUUMMMM!!! SHE IS KWAAAAZY!!! Tell her that you called the police.
Hmmmm this post is looking kind of fishy to me right about now.

Allesandro is this one of your screen names???? This post is a fake! ok playa
you got me!!!

You almost pulled the wool completely over my eyes. But your mistake is
Allesandro is that nobody is this bad and whimpy!

And the screen name is a girls name too. Cleo...ohhh shit we have been
had...bamboozled...hoodwinked...Now I know what Malcom X was talking about!

>Man, I mean, what am I gonna
>tell my girl here. you know, I
>don't know what to do, I live
>in a small town and she gonna
>live in a hotel (hopefully
>lol) next to me and would want
>to see me everyday.
>Guys??? someone?

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