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Style‘s online method in Thailand ... results.

mASF post by Golgo

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Style‘s online method in Thailand ... results.
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mASF post by "Golgo"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005

Well ... I got a response.

Now, before everyone tells me how sad that is, let me qualify a little.

It's a pay service. I was not aware that to respond, or even to see the profile
of someone who responds, I would have to pay $30/month.

That's a fair chunk of change for most Thais. Probably equivalent to about $300
in the States.

That said, here was my profile:

I'm a selfish, arrogant, jerk.
I'm only interested in casual relationships. No attachments, no games, just
sex. I will have other girls besides you. If you don't like that, too bad.

(BTW, if you don't have a pic, go away.)

Ideal Person:
Keep me interested, and we'll get along fine. Fail to do so, and I'll have your

I received the following message:

Hi! my name is Annie I live in Chiang Mai. I want to know u and meet u. Pls
call me at my cell phone xxxxx. Hope to hear from u soon.


No picture so I ignored it. I received this message today with a tiny picture
included (It appears free members are allowed to see postage stamp pictures of
those interested.)

Hi! my name is Annie. I am looking for a sex partner. I want to meet u. Call me
at my cell phone xxxxx I speak good English.I live near Chiang Mai University.

I'll pass, as she appeared average.

(My rating system for women is much simpler that others. Ugs, Average, HB, and
SHB. And that is all dependant on how much attraction I feel for them.)

Still, I think this one would have been an easy kill. I might pursue this
online thing a little. As you know, I'm trying to get out of the after-hours
scene, and this might open up a few doors.

I'll have to find a better online dating site.

So more kudos to Style. Given my current environment, the profile may have
worked more against me than for me. But who knows?

In the end, it is rather amusing. I suspect if I can find a (real) free site
that caters to my location, another world may open up.





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