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Re: Internet dating - is anyone interested?

mASF post by Nemanja

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Re: Internet dating - is anyone interested?
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mASF post by "Nemanja"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005

I can only envy guys who live in countries such as USA where Internet dating is
popular and where normal people meet each other through online sites.
In my country, my experience with online dating is very bad, and I dropped out
of it. I managed to get into a fight with half a dozen girls by exchanging
emails only. I had several girls who were emailing me and telling me how much
they enjoy talking to me, only to disappear without any explanation. I met only
three girls from online in real life, two were quite disturbed IMO and two were
ugly (which means that one was both disturbed and ugly).
I still believe that you must be good looking to be successful on line. I
recently took a number of new pictures of myself, and I still can't get better
then 6.5 on hot or not.

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