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few tips to newbies

mASF post by _Confidence_

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few tips to newbies
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mASF post by "_Confidence_"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, May 5, 2005

hey guys,

in case you have not noticed, this is just my second post.
I was talking to Player_Supreme on the IRC channel, where i usually hang out,
and he encouraged me to write about my humble experience here, so if you have
the patience and the time, read on.

I have been actively sarging for the last 2 months. And boy has that been fun

But 2 years ago...the thought of talking to a strange lady on the street, or in
a bar would have gotten me freezing in my i wanna share with you how
i managed to come to the "fun" slightly addictive stage:

1. Inner game»!
you have heard it a thousand makes is very very
important...i only came to this actively sarging stage, after i had all of
following under control: emotional stability, financial stability, made few
contributions to humans around me as a whole, that made me that is
in my opinion where you should start...if you are broke, you will not be able
to hit a bar, if you are emotional state is fucked up, you will take every
rejection way to personal....and so on.

2. Beleif system:

I am not sure if i should put it under inner game»...anyway...i worked on
changing my was more or less an anconscious process, through
reading a lot of material here, ebooks, all kind of self help audio books,
dating related "rather alpha" audio programms, watching alpha guys
old beleifs started falling like dead flies...some of them were "girls do not
like to be hit on", or "if you talk to a girl, everyone will point at you and
laugh at you", all of this does not make sense.

3. Will to learn

This means, you go out to sarge to LEARN, not to get laid....and
beleive me YOU WILL :)....and no matter how bad you are while learning, it is a
numbers game, and you will get i have 3 dates for the weekend, and
it is kind of making me mad, because i will not have time for sarging this
So be indifferent to it all...think about practicing, making mistakes..only
people who do nothing make no mistakes.

4. try different venues, ways:

i started with online dating....the success experiences gave me a push
forwarded...moved forward to clubs and bars, where i feel at home now...and
currently pushing my way through streets, parks, colleges and
variety makes it more fun.

now here come few minors:

5. Cut all your AFC friendships
, and try to hang out with PUA's in your will find them, make
yourself heard here, or on similar sites and you will

6. Stop being competitive!

if you see someone, assumably worse looking than you, succsefuly sarging a
hottie, DO NOT HATE HIM...but try to get to know him, show appreciation with a
knowing smile, and indicate your will to be his friend and is real
good, and other guys appreciate it and you boost their own ego "hey...i am the
man, other guys are watching with appretiation"

that is about it for now
so all newbies out there, cheer up...the way "there" can be real fun.

Unless otherwise noted, this article is Copyright©2005 by "_Confidence_" with implicit permission provided to for reproduction. Any other use is prohibited without the explicit permission of the original author.


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