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On line dating paradox

mASF post by gmm2

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On line dating paradox
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mASF post by "gmm2"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, May 5, 2005

I am the guy who wrote that post on improving your
picture. I had absolutely no luck at all doing online dating.

I think there is a huge number of women on there who are attention whores.
They're there to boost their egos, get alot of attention and reject a bunch of
men. What these women are lacking is a feminine receptiveness.

One I just talked to deleted 100 double matches on hot or not. I mean come on,
none of those guys were worthy of her highness?

However, after improving my pics, I have gotten responses from 4 babes. And I
just had coffee with one (she's a nine).

You really have to learn photoshop, or get a graphic artist. Try "soft light"
lighting I've seen some pictures of guys (in Photoshop books) and their
pictures become a nine--from a seven. You really have to see some of these
pictures to believe it.

Some people are photogenic , but I think there is a lot of 7's who are actually


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