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Online: 7.2 picture goes to a 9 on hrn

mASF post by gmm2

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Online: 7.2 picture goes to a 9 on hrn
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mASF post by "gmm2"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, May 5, 2005

I had given up on online dating. My pictures were getting a
ratings in the low 7's;one was an 8. I got very few responses, and almost all
uggs. I thought I was too plain looking.

Some how I got lured back into it, and started manipulating the pictures with
the software that came with my digital camera. I now have a picture with a 9, a
8.9 and an 8.4. And I am getting responses from hot women.

A professional photographer who does marriage photo's and shit is not going to
get you these types of photos. The skillset required is a graphic artist using
something like Adobe Photoshop.
You can learn it yourself but it does take some time.

You can download a free version for free (for 30 days) at Adobe's web site.

You can make your picture come alive. Good photo's are mostly about lighting
and you can manipulate that with Photoshop.Add a sun tan, add a background. I
took a 7.2 picture and made it into a 9.


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