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Lay Report : Online babe 2nd date f-close

mASF post by DaFish

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Lay Report : Online babe 2nd date f-close
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mASF post by "DaFish"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, April 4, 2005

I entered 4 online dating sites, put a closeup pic of my face and wrote some
dominant profile ("i am the guy your mother warned you about, The one that will
tell it straight to your face for better or worse...".
i didn't have a subscribtion, so i enter few times a day and lest messages to
some HB busting their balls for things i saw in their Pics/Profiles.
One girl catched me when i was online and after 5 minutes of yada yada she
suggested we "go wild" and talk on the phone.
Talked to her casually for about 10-15 mins.and told her i have work tommorow
morning (It was 1 am), that we'll talk.
called her 2 days later, she was eating burger, and suggested that i will come
with her immediatly to the beach. I said i can't but i will be happy to do
something tommorow.
Called her the day after and told her i am coming to pick her up, she said what
we'll do, i said we grab something to eat and go to the beach.
Took her to a lonely beach for 1/2 hour, then grab something to eat,and went
again to anothe beach.After we eat , walked with her hand in hand, and then i
stopped, look at the sea and told her : "It is just unavoidable", i am sure she
asked herself what do i mean, and maybe i am going to kiss her, but then i took
all of my clothes except my pants and went into the ocean. (I used David D
friend tip form DYD mastery - i think his name is orion).She also tried to go
into the ocean , she was shocked and didn't managed to fold her pants high
enough, so i got out of the ocean , and sat be her and startd to kiss her.Asked
her if she wants to see some comedy , she asked "At your place ? " i said Yep,
so she said quick "no", so i told myself i am not going to change her mind,
only her mood.....
We were there for about 2 hours, and then took her back to her place, she asked
me if i want to come for a coffe, i looked at my watch for 2 sec, and told her
ok.It was a 2 hour coffe and music and dancing and kissing.
Didn't called her the other day, to create some attraction and to behave
unpredictale, saw her ID when she called me 17:00pm 2 days after out 1st
meeting and told to myself "She ate the bate"....called her on 19:00 that day
and told her : "you are not the nice girl i thought you are....", she didn't
know that it was me for the first minute, and then i told her that her coffe is
getting cold and that it's not okay, she said she isn't dressed, so i told her
to take a cab to meet me and i'll pay, so she came within 1/2 hour to the coffe
While at the coffe shop, told her that most women are BI and man are gay or
straight and told her about David D experiment with the porno movies they
showed some groups, she addmitted she has been once with a woman, but "male
energy" was missing....After a cop of coffe, told her "Grab your stuff we are
going", she asked "where to ? " I told her "U ask 2 much questions,
bowling...."We were there for an 1 1/2 hour, and then took her to a small park
near me home.we talked for 20 minutes, then she suggested we'll see a movie at
my place.
when we came to my place i forgot my 8 years old boy soft-tip color box, At the
minute she saw it she got excited and i gave her some paper to draw some shit
(It was just what rick H. talked about with coloring books.....)after i showed
her some standup shit, we started making out, but after few minutes she tells
me she needs to go home, she has work tommorow, so i asked her why she asked me
to take my shirt off ? so she started ASD me, and i just shut up and looked her
straight in the eye, and then we continued to F-close.
The day after, took her to a pub, and wanted to check some social proof shit,
she grind me in the corner while we danced for an hour, and when she went to
the bathroom, i winked at a 9.5Hb who was dancing with her friend 5 feet from
me, and she came to ask me why i am not i blew it and told her i
am with a friend and don't wnat to betray her.....
It seems that this is the right girl to get my 1st 3some.....

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