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Surviving drama queen stuff

mASF post by hotlab

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Surviving drama queen stuff
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mASF post by "hotlab"
posted on: alt.seduction.relationships, April 4, 2005

On 4/22/05 10:42:00 AM, dutch wrote:
>Are,maaan, so your wife is
>actually COLOMBIAN?
>Thats explain everything.
>Does she have papers done

Almost. But it's sure that she will get the papers.

>I dont know about other
>guys,but so far me and my
>friends are being almost
>stalked by colombian
>(latin,except argentinian and
>chilean) females.

I have been stalked too when I had registered for two months in a
Spanish-speaking online dating system... even by a Chilean woman.

>Actually,they are incredibly
>desperate for a guy,they are
>ready to get married even
>after a week of knowing each
>other.They are crazy for
>europeans.They are very
>straight. (well,yes they have
>this famous latin manipulative
>characters, but not in the

Despite the fact that they want to marry, they are still selective. My
girlfriend told me about a couple of other Europeans guys she was in contact
with... for example a Dutch guy who impressed her in the beginning... but when
he reduced his attention and started to demand advance concessions she told him
good bye. Also her ex-fiancé was a British living in Colombia for some time.
She ended the relationship when he went back to England because the prospect of
a life with him wasn't attractive enough for her.

I think it depends very much on the education level and the economic situation
whether it is easy to get a SPECIFIC woman there. The higher her status the
higher her demands. That's like everywhere else. My girlfriend is economically
independent as well as her family. But I agree to you that it's more easy to
get ANY girl. They are more open and friendly and I got a couple of approaches
and IOIs in the streets, malls and hotels of Bogota when I was there.

One thing is important to keep in mind though... if a Colombian woman has
chosen you and decided for you, it's almost impossible to shake her off. Some
funny comments from that I can fully
confirm from my own experience:

"Well all I can say is that we know that ... is not a true Colombian when he
talks of the necessity of tagging a Colombian Trophy Woman because if he was
truely Colombian he would know that it's not necessary to tag your catch as
that woman will be part of your life forever. She uses barbed hooks, will have
tagged you and she keeps the catch (good or bad)."

"Is very difficult to impossible to shake them off. No matter how much I tried
to tell her, I’m no good, I’m a stupid loser, I ain't got no future, I’m
getting freaking old and starting to fart dust. I just want to be left alone to
live under a bridge in Miami. She’ still loves me and in a funny way I love me

"It's's almost impossible to shake off Colombian women so I suggest
that it's probably best to decide on just one that you really really care for."

>All of them wanna get out that
>shit hole.

Actually we're thinking about buying some property in Cartagena or another nice
place. Colombia is a fascinating country and we will go there regularly for
vacation. I met Germans and Austrians who are living there since years. One
German from Berlin, who has a vineyard and a restaurant at a nice place some
hours from Bogota, told me that he visited every place in Colombia despite the
armored conflict and never had any problem.

>Seriously,guys, just buy a
>trip to Bogota- you will have
>impressions forever.You will
>be admired, over sexed and
>totally respected.
>Like my best wing is always
>saying (he is actually
>colombian himself,but left
>long time ago): latin woman is
>"Man's Self Esteem
>Accelerator". Very good.
>Yeah,and die your hair blond
>if you dont have one ,hahaha.

This is not necessary. Actually my girlfriend who has blond hair likes the men
with black hair. More important is that you have the more honest and loyal
attitude towards an LTR that they expect from Europeans.


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