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Lay Report: 2hookups+hot lay(pics)

mASF post by PlayboyNZ

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Lay Report: 2hookups+hot lay(pics)
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mASF post by "PlayboyNZ"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

On 8/8/05 9:13:00 AM, ox wrote:
>(some of the pics are x-rated.
>So use fucking common sense.
>For masf members only.)
>I am fucking money. No
>questions asked. I am the “a”
>in amazing and I am fucking
>rocking this shit man. I got
>me laid with 23 year old
>hottie, that´s a total blast
>in bed. Girl was hot, I don’t
>care what your fucking rating
>system is. Tired of this shit
>already. She had all the
>goods: hard solid rocking
>butt, mediumsize perky tits,
>long blond curly hair, flat
>cum-sucking belly. Shit man. I
>am getting a hard on already.
>Before I had hooked up with a
>hot brunette. All in a night´s
>work. What can I say? That’s
>what you get when you do too
>many cold approaches. You get
>Anyway, I warm up my inner
>game by reminding myself of
>the week’s masf learnings:
>basically, go out and clown
>around and have a good time
>and leech off your social
>proof(credit for the advice to
>td). In other words be stress
>free and don’t become an
>approach machine. Be chill.
>Exactly. Got it down.
>So I am thinking be chill and
>approach quality sets only.
>And have a good time asshole.
>So first bar.
>I see a 2 set dancing. I wait
>till they stop and hbbrunette
>ais me. So I go in. cool.
>Opinion opener and they are
>both standoffish. Wow, this is
>news. A set that doesn’t open
>to me. Actually it open but I
>didn’t plough. It is ok. Not
>hot anyways. It is good to get
>the taste of rejection once in
>a while. Not bragging here but
>99 percent of my sets open
>I move around and venue change
>2nd bar.
>I meet a group of girls that I
>had sarged. They are friends
>now. There is a brunette there
>that wants me to fuck her but
>I put her off because she
>wants me to chase. I fluff
>them and hang around with them
>for while until they live. I
>kissclose the brunette for
>kicks. Go away bitch.
>No targets. Venue change.
>I meet a girl I laid before. I
>fluff her. She wants me again.
>So her friend leave and she
>stays for me to fuck close her
>again. I say bye. I am bored
>with her already. Go away
>skinny bitch. She is skinny
>nice. She is wearing a
>miniskirt revealing flat belly
>and perky ass, but no tits.
>Hate that.
>I move around no hot sets. And
>I decide to chill back and
>befriend afc´s around me. They
>are good fun. Let us clown and
>mingle with the crowd. I lay
>back against a high top table
>and look as cowboy laid back
>as I can be. Soon there are
>uglies and afc´s around me. I
>open afc´s about rating
>system. How do you rate that
>girl? Afc standards are really
>high. She calls a 5 to a girl
>that is probably a 7. reminds
>me of some masfers rating
>system. But he cant open her
>because he is totally afc and
>weak. “you are the weak in the
>valley of darkness”. So I
>befriend afc´s and soon they
>become my antorage for the
>night. I see 2 uglies giving
>me ai and I open them and I
>am kind of laid back and let
>the afc´s run them while I
>just lay back and say stupid
>crap when I feel like. That´s
>chilling right. So lean
>against the table, loverboy
>style, and soon all the set is
>on me. The 2 afc´s and the
>uglies. Uglies don’t stand a
>chance with me so I play it
>cool. In the mean time a 2 set
>approaches near the high table
>and I lean. They are fucking
>all over me in no time. There
>is a brunette in the set that
>I like but I play it cool.
>They just came near me and put
>their drinks on the table.
>Cool. I lay back on the table
>and open them. Soon they are
>sucked in. I don’t have to do
>much talking.
>I open them with opinion.
>Transition to jealous
>girlfriend and they are wide
>fucking open. The afc´s
>introduce themselves and make
>a fool out of themselves and
>made me look good. I come to
>the rescue but basically let
>the set flow, kind of dimitri
>style, being there, flowing
>with the girl, not dhving a
>lot, just vibing, using
>tonality and bl to
>subcommunicate value. Nothing
>sparky. Brunette is into me. I
>spot this and I say.
>Hb brunette: I haven’t been
>out in 3 years.
>Ox: you know I can see why. Do
>you want to know?
>Hb brunette: yeah.
>Ox: you broke up with your
>boyfriend after 3 years.
>Hb: ddbing. How did you know?
>HA, HA, big ox. This becomes a
>huge dhv for both girls
>because they both had recently
>broken up and were out looking
>for dick. I am lucky or what.
>After that dhv the set blew
>right open. Afc´s took care of
>the ugly and I took care of
>brunette. I have to give it to
>the afc´s for helping me out.
>Anyway brunette is into me
>We start kino right away. I am
>touching her lower back and
>she doesn’t mind. Huge
>indicator. I throw a palm read
>and she is ddbing all over me.
>So e-mail and number close her
>because I know it is going to
>heat up pretty soon.
>Anyway I am palm reading and I
>am about to throw my kiss
>close routine. No need. I just
>kiss her on the lips and she
>proceeds to tongue rape me or
>tonsils check up as I call it
>nowadays. Mad game guys. Great
>feeling of power right there.
>I break the kiss of course,
>first. And push her back. “I
>don’t even know you”. She
>proceeds tongue and hug rape
>me. Take aways. My gooood!
>Gotta love them.
>I break and make her horny by
>playing qestion game. Turns
>out that the most she made
>love in one day was 7 times. I
>say I am not up for it. Don’t
>expect that from me. She
>laughs. We tongue down more I
>always push her back first and
>vacuum her in. etc..standard
>make out shit(credit my man
>organic for this tip). Always
>be the first to break out and
>be cooler than her. This will
>decrease the weirdness of club
>make outs.
>probably photo doesn’t do
>justice to her body, etc
>we rapport about future
>projections. Holidays we are
>going to do, job. We connect
>on all levels. But her friend
>is dickless and she wants to
>have her loyalty to her friend
>intact and has to stick with
>her. We exchange info. Btw she
>set up a meet by sms with me
>for today. Not sure I am
>going.. we said goodbye and my
>afc´s are floored by this
>power demo. They haven’t seen
>shit like this before ever. I
>pity the fool.
>One afc takes off. Another one
>is sticking with me. We go to
>another bar. I decide to have
>fun no matter what. I am
>loving myself right now for
>what I did and I feel like my
>game is upthere. Fuck. So I
>start having fun. I start
>singing the songs real loud
>and contaminating afc with my
>energy. I am singing hard and
>grabbing my afc and pumping
>him. He is totally charged
>now. I open a 2 set and it
>doesn’t open. Fuck. Who cares.
>I am dancing like a fucking
>clown(credit td), having
>fun..then I go to the toilet
>and when I come back I see a 2
>set: hot brunette and
>hotblonde. I immediately open.
>Another afc is gaming
>brunette. I open all. I see
>the brunette is standoffish
>and I move to blonde. Great
>move in retrospect. My blonde
>is totally shy. Doesn’t speak
>much. Still hse. I blast her
>with high octane. She is
>giggly. High energy shit. I
>start kino. The hb brunette
>starts cock blocking me. She
>is calling her all the time
>like if she was her mother.
>Her voices sounds concerned.
>With good reason. We are
>kinoing and I am befriending
>brunette with typical lines. I
>befriend afc that is gaming
>brunette. I devide my
>attention between hb blonde
>and brunette. It is a
>We are kinoing: me and
>hbblonde. She lets me touch
>her and hug her.
>Ox: you are shy. You probably
>cant kiss well.
>She is giggly. That´s my cue.
>Gonna make my move´.
>Ox: you do you rate
>yourself from 1-10?
>Hbblonde: I am a 9
>Hse uh. I will show you.
>Her pic is nice. Still much
>better in real life.
>I proceed to kiss her and she
>turns her head a little to the
>side and I plough and catch
>her lips. Then she proceeds to
>bite my tongue, my lips, my
>chin. Girl is insane. She
>wraps herself around my crutch
>and leg. We start some heavy
>make out session where is dry
>humping me and kissing me and
>dancing at the same time. I am
>fucking embarrassed. I feel my
>asd kicking in big time(like
>loverboy said). Man this girl
>is outrageous and she doesn’t
>care. The afc that is still
>following me disappears after
>this show of power. I don’t
>see him again. I think I mind
>fucked him big time and he had
>to go take a nap.
>I break with her physically
>pushing her away from me and
>she wont let go. It is as if
>she is glued to my leg.
>Reminds of a doggy humping my
>leg. Fuck this shit man. I
>cant do any push or pulls. I
>guess I don’t need them. All
>the time she is biting my lips
>hard. It is fucking serious
>hazard. I have bruises in my
>shoulders from fucking her.
>She likes hard sex.
>So I start extraction tactics
>right away. I start over
>selling salsa place. Her
>friend says no. fuck. Another
>afc gaming her has no clue
>either. Dickless motherfucker
>with no game. The other girl
>is offering herself to him and
>he is whimp. He just fluffs
>I do 2 more attempts for
>extraction and they all bomb.
>Girl says she cant leave her
>friend alone. This was my
>hardest lay extraction wise…I
>lost hope. No way I can peel
>her off. Any way I proceeded
>to make her horny as fuck.
>Fingering her from outside,
>inside(tight jeans). This girl
>was flaming horny. She even
>moaned a couple of times in my
>ear. What can I do? Shit.
>Bar closes. I heard they are
>going to the beach after bars.
>The afc still doesn’t get the
>clue. Dickless. I tell her
>lets´go to the beach. She is
>ok. We go out of the bar and I
>pull her physically and lead
>her away from cock blocking
>friend. Friend shouts at us.
>“where the fuck are you 2
>Hbbrunette: do you want to
>with him? Be careful
>Ox: we are going to have
>fun.(I am laid back. I don’t
>want to be try hard)
>Hbbrunete: you better. Can I
>trust you?
>Ox: sure you can.
>Hb brunette: I will see later.
>Be here soon.
>We walk. Then ….more shit
>Hbblonde: I just met you. How
>can I trust you? I am going
>She starts pulling my hand
>back. Fuck.
>Ox: listen. We are just gonna
>have fun by the beach. Just
>fun. I will take you dancing.
>Hbblonde comes reluctantly.
>Basically I dragged her in a
>cool way. Lay is on.
>We fluff. I made her feel
>comfortable by explaining the
>city to her. The beach. Tongue
>downs, more talking as we
>approach my car. She is
>feeling relaxed. Finally.
>As we are getting near my
>car(in lay friendly location,
>thanks my man loverboy for car
>tip, this is my 4th car
>extraction). We start kissing
>she starts fucking raping me.
>Never seen a chick like this
>We get in the car and she says
>we cant do it. She is on her
>period. I don’t care cloth go
>off and proceed to fuck her.
>She screams like somebody is
>killing her. Never seen shit
>like this. She is also tight
>as fuck. Yummie.
>I have breakfast and decide to
>take her home and fuck her
>again. I fucked her 3 more
>time at home. I lost count how
>many times she came. She
>screamed the fuck out of her
>and I think my neighbors are
>going to sue me. Soon…it is
>too much pussy already. Same
>screaming everyweekend. 8
>hours later I take her back to
>the hotel where her friend is
>waiting. Mad as hell. She
>called me today. Wants to
>repeat. The brunette from the
>hook up call me today too. 2
>fbs have called me today. I
>THE KILL(pity that her bikini
>mark spoils an otherwise nice
>piece of ass)br>
>1. loverboy for car extraction
>2. td for clowning and having
>3. mystery-dhv, question game.
>4. myself. I am fucking hot
>learning points
>1. go have fun. The rest will
>2. befriend obstacles. Always
>pay off at pulling time.
>3..being chill attracts
>people. So lay back and let it
>3. always be the first to
>break the make out. Increases
>your value.

ox. great lr. liked the chick you banged..btw, how old are you? and dont say
42, and because you sleep on ice u look young..actual age

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