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Re: Think and grow PIMP

mASF post by PlayerSupreme

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Re: Think and grow PIMP
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mASF post by "PlayerSupreme"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, August 8, 2005

On 8/7/05 1:21:49 AM, JustLou wrote:
>I think some people have a
>difference of opinion on what
>inner game» actually

NO. I think some folks do not know what inner game» actually is!!!

Bottom line is, when you
>actually move your ass, and do
>that first set,
>your gonna feel good about
>yourself cause you realize
>that not only will
>people not kick you in the
>balls for merely approaching
>them with maybe a
>opinion opener or whatever you
>want to use, but it'll fuel a
>desire to talk
>to even more people, and even
>hotter girls, which will give
>unbelieveable self confidence.

I'm not going to bag on this there Lou, but have you read the posts on this
site about guys who have highs and lows. Somedays they whine about not really
feeling in the mood and all that cop out shit? This is why inner game» is soooo
important. Inner game» is about establishing inner confidence no matter if you
have a 3 inch dick or your fat. It's about establishing belief in yourself as
a man first. Now when I say a man not very many guys on this site even know
what I'm talking about. It takes more than having balls in your pants to be a

When you establish the true meaning of what it is to be a man then it can be
said that your inner game» will be tight.

I just left a night club with my current woman. She is from Portugal. I met
some of her fellow country men and women. They are short dickless men with
fine assed females. They don't care that they are 5'5 with small penis's.
They don't even care that they are close to my age and balding. It didn't stop
them from getting women cause they don't know any better. They just do as men

>While i myself still have a
>long road ahead
>of me (Just can't work out
>#closing/time bridging) just
>being in a locked
>convo for about 25 minutes
>with a 8.5/9 HB made me
>confident throughout the

And next time when a 9 as you guys call em burns you our blows you out you will
be in the chat room whining about it. Or how some tall black guy grabs your 9
and wisks her away.

This is why inner game» is important. If you had a strong inner game» you
wouldn't experience this on a regular basis cause women would sense it in you
and be more attracted to who you are.

At this club there was a very very dark black guy who was about 5'5. I don't
know if you know our culture but being jet black isn't the thing. But you
should of seen his taller than him blond woman that he had. I had seen her
before and I would fuck that in a hot second and put her on my team if I hadn't
of been with someone each time.

He must of felt lots of rejection in his life. Probably called Skillet
everyday and shit. But he inner game» was tight. He was confident and even
exuded inner power which attracted this model looking blond chick.

enough that i''ve
>sparked at least 7-8 convos
>w/girls outside of a
>club setting, just because i
>KNEW that i'm a guy who girls
>will like to talk
>to, and in some ways, they
>should be glad i'm even
>talking to them.

See this is your inner game»... you are establishing your inner beliefs. That
is what inner game» is about. How you view yourself!
>P.S. Affirmations suck,

I feel ya dog, when I first started using them way back in my 20's, I hated
being black. I hated whites, everyone except asians cause I used to live
there. Basically I hated myself. I was married and unhappy.

I started doing affirmations and I hated those too but I kept it up.
Eventually a long long time later I wasn't even aware of the changes in me. I
just kinda became aware that I was indeed more confident and my self hatred
went away. It was just gone and I didn't even here it die within me.

Affirmations are your way to communicate with your subconscious mind. If you
use the right and give them time they will work wonders on your inner beliefs.
Trust me on this. But it takes real dedication. Something most, about 95% of
mankind doesn't have. I say this from listening to a lecture once on the

>can tell yourself you have a
>large penis
Ok this was a stupid analogy. Not even realistic. NO you can't grow a big dick
or hair trust me I've tried

>girls love you all you want in
>your head, but opening the
>hottest chick in
>the club, while everyone else
>is wallflowering is what'll
>give you the long
>lasting confidence.
I have NEVER been to a club where the hottest chicks don't get hit on, I guess
cause I go to mixed clubs with lots of brotha's up in there.


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