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Re: Think and grow PIMP

mASF post by JustLou

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Re: Think and grow PIMP
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mASF post by "JustLou"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, August 8, 2005

I think some people have a difference of opinion on what inner game» actually
is. Bottom line is, when you actually move your ass, and do that first set,
your gonna feel good about yourself cause you realize that not only will
people not kick you in the balls for merely approaching them with maybe a
opinion opener or whatever you want to use, but it'll fuel a desire to talk
to even more people, and even hotter girls, which will give you
unbelieveable self confidence. While i myself still have a long road ahead
of me (Just can't work out #closing/time bridging) just being in a locked
convo for about 25 minutes with a 8.5/9 HB made me confident throughout the
week, enough that i''ve sparked at least 7-8 convos w/girls outside of a
club setting, just because i KNEW that i'm a guy who girls will like to talk
to, and in some ways, they should be glad i'm even talking to them.


P.S. Affirmations suck, you can tell yourself you have a large penis and
girls love you all you want in your head, but opening the hottest chick in
the club, while everyone else is wallflowering is what'll give you the long
lasting confidence.

<PlayerSupreme> wrote in message
news:[email protected]...
> Excellent combination of success motivation to create a pick up type of
> Your right you must make women almost an obsession. 5 years ago or so, I
> started reading e-books on the game. I was obsessed with improving and
> lots of women again in my life.
> My best friend was not. He would read maybe a few paragraphs of these
> and complain about not being able to get any women.
> I told him that he needed to become obsessed with getting women and women
> themselves. His desire to have a female has and continues to be only
> desire only. He is content with wacking off or whatever he does down in
> Fransico (no comment).
> It is my belief that you truly need to develop an almost obsession for
> goal in order to achieve super star results.
> You naysayers of this post are examples of guys who lack true
understanding of
> the game.
> Inner game» is the true path to conquering your problems with women.
> Look at the technique users who come back on here whinning about getting
> on or when they land the female of their dreams, they lose the woman
within a
> short amount of time.
> Two people can deliver the same line and have them come out different.
> makes the difference that I'm talking about is having strong inner game».
> I can see no excuse for Exlax (jlax) saying that it can be dangerous and I
> would like to know his reasoning for this obsurd statment.
> Inner game» gives strength to your outter game no matter what style you
> Whether your doing indirect or direct game, it puts more juice into your
> You young guys have NO idea how important this is and you should take it
from a
> old Soldja of the game, that it is of prime importance.
> In my own upcoming book it is the first section that I will be dealing
> I am currently reading two books:
> 1. The complete Assholes guide to handling chicks.
> 2. Male Body Language That Attracts Women.
> And both books point to inner game» which is how your mind thinks about
> host, that will give you your true strength.
> Good Post Waco!!! It belongs in the general section so the beginners will
> it. I rarely look in this section myself. I've found it to be full of so
> called experts with too may opinions.

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