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field report from mcmaax-Using direct style

mASF post by McMaax

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field report from mcmaax-Using direct style
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mASF post by "McMaax"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

Hey guys,

A few things I learned over the weekend. I was trying out some new, outrageous
approaches with women just to give my balls some juice and to thicken my skin.
See I do understand and have been applying the indirect opinion opener and then
seguaying into gaming her and closing her. But you see there is literally no
room for her to reject you on an opinion opener cuz you ain't stating your
intent. Now over the weekend all the chicks that I opened using an opinion
opener with, I ran my same canned routine like a performer for an audience
every night inlas vegas and it worked, number closed all the time with severe
kino and touching going on between myself and the targets. So what I tried was
a more direct, alpha, ballsy european type of game that all of natural do.

Here is what I did and what I noticed with naturals.

Alot of them immediately kino a chick, tickle her, pull her hair, slap her ass
and shit. I noticed this on friday at the club district. I have been heavily
kinoing girls throughout our interaction and found it makes them horney,
sexually attracted to you for two reasons

1. It tells them you are a man who can touch, who ain't afraid to conceal his
sexual interests otherwise you will get LBJF'd

2. It releases oxytocin a sexualy stimulating chemical within the body of a

Mind you. I wouldn't kino girls heavily during day in a mall as much as in a
club or at night time at the club district, but use your discretion. Also if
the chick looks like a party slut, just piick her up and put her your prick and
give her a dose of dr maax's two ball compound That is what she EXPECTS and
nothing else.


What I did was instead of saying , hey guys...I need a quick female opinion on
something. which doesn't disclose interest. I said.

Hey....wait for her to respond. gthen give her come fuck me eyes. and sayd

come here I want to talk to you. I ain't gonna bite. maybe niblble a
bit...10/10 they would come and laugh and be immediately be attracted

See Hey. come here is more direct way..cuz she doesn't know if you gonna ask an
opinion as far as she is concerned you saw her you like her and you are
capitalizing on your interest , pure alpha and the very fact that you are

I want to talk to you shows balls and VALUE

It is not an excuse type opener that an indirect opener is. It puts your balls
on the table for her to take or not. Guys you have to be very confident, alpha
and really believe in yourself and also have thick skin against rejection.

Anyways I tried this direct approach and also added. I wanted to talk to you
and see what you were I saw you , cuz beauty is common.
and told the girls. I like you. but I want to see if you are more than just
make up and fake up. I commanded them to come to me, after saying "HEY

waited for them to catch my eye. Many times they were like almost gonna go cuz
I'm guessing they are used to lame ass guys trying to pick them up with boring
lines and creepy shit, but I didn't give up. I said in a very relaxedk, alpha
way. It's alright, Come here babe, I wanna talk to you. ALmost like a pimp
would talkor SNOOP DOGG> THey immediately supplicated and came.

It was the darnest thing..It was like wow. It is true that who ever has the
stronger belief in themselves wins over the other person.
I also kino'd immeidately in all of my intereactions
played with her hair
touched her stomach
made her hug me
called her my new fuck buddy
called her a dork, a geek
It attracted them like amazing
Then they were asking me rapport type questions

I am speaking of my targets of course LOL! when I say "THEY"

I also came up with a new openeer and tried it on a sexy black girl and it was

Hey come here, I wanna ask you something

Imagine there are two buses, one goes along a boring path and the other one has
an ocean side view, the scene is mountains, beaches, and it takes you along an
adventurous path. WHich one would you take, so the black chick goes, of course
the second one. I say well to get on the bus...which I DRIVE

you have to be adventurous.. are you

Booom boom boom

she says yes and then we talk about sex immeidately
and she asking me in the mall if I like to slap ass and eat pussy
I could have isolated her back to her pad but I had to meet my ex girlfriend
later. So I got her numbver and the number of two sister's who I used the same
direct game with. There was so much kino that the shop owners told us we were
distracting them, we had to move. It was crazy. Number closed them also. Could
have isolated, but had to meet my ex.

It is amazing what I have learned

let me summarize.

Be alpha
rule the set
touch, kino her
from less to more
pya with her hair
touch her hips
calll her yourgirlfriend
say HEY, come here in a cool commanding sexy voice
if she kinda starts to walk away from you, while looking at you, after you say
come here, say "GEEK i'm ain't gonna bite, k maybe nibble alittle bit" but come
here I wanna ask you something

Also noticed that in the club district when girls walk by, they want a hardcore
player type badboy to grab them by the hands and take them to la la land. I was
watching alot of black guys just grab a girls by the hand and guide her in a
nice, confident manner to him and starting gaming her, direct style. I tried
this and workd. As soon as a girl walked by, I would grab her hand, after
making eye contact with her and smiling in a confident way, and saying.

Come here ya little club slut. in a joking manner
they laughed and went along with me and let me touch them, cuz I was totally
congruent with touching her. and she believed me and let me hold her hand and
guide her to me. I didn't do any closes cuz I was just experiementing with some
outlanding, alpha, direct stuff. Next time I will pursue the gaming part and
closing part.

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