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Lay Report: HBAsian.....“I love it.....I love it.....”

mASF post by Norm

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Lay Report: HBAsian.....“I love it.....I love it.....”
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mASF post by "Norm"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

Ok so Norm has been on about a 2 month dry spell. After getting rid of my gf
and cutting things off with my last FB I finally realized that I need to get
laid. With this winning streak going, I was sure, I could f-close one more HB
better the weekend ended.

So the evening started out by getting on my phone and just calling girls. By
doing this I'm pumping my state for the evening trying to get some HB's to come
out and party with myself and Lex Diamond.

So I get ahold of HBAsian and she is keen to go out. Her friends are all going
to TO, but she want to keep it local here in Hamilton. Basically she wants to
get together with me. Lex and I pick her up and we carry on to Hess.

So I know this girl because I had a few classes with her. I really haven't
spoken to her a whole lot in class or outside of class. Last weekend I MSN'd
her, got her number and made arrangements to meet up with her in the club. I
spoke to her briefly in the club last week and ran a couple routines to give
her some good emotions. I ran into her before leaving the club and gave her
what I like to call the spin hug. This is awesome, and it always gets amazing
reactions. What I do is just hug them, lift them up in the air and spin them a
full 360* and drop them back down in the same place. I'm not a big guy either,
but this is easy.

Ok so were walking to the club and I'm a huge fan of social proof. Like I am a
social proof junkie and can't get enough of it. IMO it is the easiest way to
get laid. So I get on my phone I call up one more HB with HBAsian walking
beside me. I just vibe with her a bit on the phone and realize that she game to
go out in the future.

So we get to the club, grab a couple of drinks and just chill. Lex Diamond met
up with some friends, so he left me alone with HBAsian. I basically just vibed
my way to the lay. I tried to switch up out time from the dance floor to the
patio and back and forth. I used the sexual predator frame on her, so she could
realize that it is natural for her to be aggressive and want to lay me.

There was lots of kino throughout the evening like lots of touching, grinding
on the dance floor. This is something I do asap in set now. I'll approach girls
and use every opportunity in front of me to use the most kino possible. Getting
chicks to kiss me on the cheek is my new favorite. I'll usually use this if
they do something I don't like and incorporate mini take aways if I have to.

An interesting thing that happened was I ran into a couple of Alpha males from
my home town. I come from a small town of like 10,000 and know most of the
people there. These guys are like 5 years older than me and they don't know me.
They are 2 of the most alpha guys in my town. Like they are huge guys, they
workout all the time, live in Oakville and went to like Ivy league schools. But
you put them in a club setting and they are fucking geeks. LMAO Like if I seen
these guys out back home they would be walking around with there heads in the
air and carrying their balls in a wheel barrel.
I rolled in and said that they looked familer. So I opened these guys. I'm in
control of the set and calling the shots. I asking them questions and stuff and
we were just vibing about our home town. Because I was holding the frame the
most alpha one like could not take it. He just like walked out of the convo and
a few steps over to his other buddies. But he would continue to look over every
once and a while and kind of walk back over and try and hear what I was saying.

The other alpha I was talking to the most starts saying stupid shit to me and
tries to out-alpha me. (Hanging out with other alpha's has allowed me to get
better at this shit so.....)
Alpha: "So where are all you girls"
Me:"I'm waiting for someone in the washroom," which I was. *Thats why I opened
these guys.* Then I reply with,*
Me: "Where are all your girls??"
Alpha: "Oh they're down stairs."
Me: "Ohhhhhhh, You guys are smooth. (I back up and point at him and his buddy
as I say this.) "You guys are just letting the other guys take care of them for
you right now letting them get all hot and horny and come the end of the night
you guys are just going to swoop in and take them home. Ohhh, you guys are
smooth. "

Soon after HBAsian comes out of the washroom and right in front of the alpha's
I take HBAsian's hand sick it in my back pocket and continue downstairs while
she holds onto my ass.

Later in the night, I tell her Lex and I are going from drinks at my place and
she's like cool. We get too my place I give her the tour and it stops in my
room when she gets comfortable on my bed.

So one of the things that was fucking me up was that I was trying to close a
kiss with her in the club, but I couldn't. It wasn't until afterwards that I
realized that this is just a cultural thing. But it kind of fucked me up
because I normally have a certain game plan.

So we just chill for a bit. She's like laying on me and I start lightly
touching her back and I can tell she is getting really turned on. She is
getting the chills and forces me to stop everytime it gets too intense. Then I
would continue until she stopped me. Later I get her to give me a back massage.
I take off my shirt and pull out the money stuff, the Fruits and Passion's
Orange Cantaloup Massage Oil. I get a massage from her and later give her one.
I'm giving her a massage and I'm thinking to myself, *is she moaning right
now??* It turns out she was. Guys get some of this oil, it's the shit. One of
the easiest transitions to sex.

So I didn't think I was getting laid tonight and figured it would just happen
in the morning. The lights and music gets turned off.

I cuddle next to her, and she's like, "I'm going to unbutton the top of my
pants so don't try any thing funny." A couple mins later she takes my arm puts
it on her stomach and I new it was game on. I start smelling her to turn her on
more and slowly make my way down her pants. I get down there and she is
dripping fucking wet. This continues for a bit then then we fuck. It was good,
while fucking her she keeps moaning, "I love it.....I love it, Oh Norm.......I
love it......Oh Norm." I'm just thinking, your just alittle Asian Paris Hilton

So I bang her once more later in the morning. We wake up at like 1:00 in the
afternoon and I just want her ass out of my bed.

I checked out Wedding Crashers which is fucking hilarious and make plans to
sarge in TO. Lots of money shit happened in TO, but this is already too long.

The end.


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